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Volunteering for College Fairs -

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College Fair Volunteer TrainingPlease see read through this guide to help you understand our process and how you can help recruit new Auburn students!
What is a College Fair?
Acollege fair is a gathering of representatives from differentuniversities allowingstudents to learn information about different colleges atonce.College fairscan be in the form of dayprograms, evening programs, district-wide events, national fairs, etc.Some fairs cater to high school seniors while others may allow any interested student to attend.
When do you want me to volunteer?
The Office of Recruitment receives notification of the college fair (date, time, location).Theoffice assesses the availability of an Admissions staff member to cover the event.If a staff member can cover an event, it is added to their schedule of travelIf the program cannot be covered by staff, then theAdmissions Office willtry to solicit you, a FANS volunteer, to cover the programUpon locating a willing volunteer, the staff member contacts the host of the fair and relays information on who will be representing Auburn at theprogram.
What materials do I need and how do I get them?
The Admissions staff will work with alumnus with respect to shipping materials needed to cover thefair.Typically the materials are mailed to the volunteers home or directly to the college fairMaterials we will supply to you:Business Cards for Territory ManagerRoad Pieces: Comprehensivebrochures togive to interested studentsBookmarksVolunteer FAQ Sheet: A quick reference sheet ofcommonlyaskedquestionsTable blanket/banner(a prepaid shipping label is included because the table banner must be returned to the Admissions Office)
How do I set it all up?
There will be a table at the fair reserved forAuburn University for all of the materials that we provide.Typically there will be an area for check-in and someone will escort you to yourtableUpon arrival, many fairs have student helpers to assist with boxes and other materials that need to be transported to the reserved table.However, there are also programs for which this luxury is notincluded.Tables should be set up no less than30 minutesprior to the start time of the program.
What do I say to the students who visit the table?
For the 2 hours or so that the fair is in progress, the display table serves as youroffice.Our road pieces have all of the colleges/schools listed out along with all majors and this is typically a good talkingpointWhatever is placed on the table is “fair game” for students:Roadpieces,bookmarks, etc.Themost important factor is the interactions that you, the representative, have with the prospectivestudents.
What do I do once the college fair is over?
TheAdmissions Office willemail the field report evaluation to the volunteer, and this form needs to be completed and returned to Candice Brooks within a few business days of the event.Such details as: turnout, approximate number ofroad pieces handed out, informationregarding the fair (i.e. was the fair well organized?), and finally a recommendation on whether or not Auburn should attend the event in thefutureThisshould be faxed, mailed, ore-mailed to CandiceBrooks
Thank you and War Eagle!
For any additional questions about volunteering for a college fair please feel free tocontact:Candice BrooksAdmissions Advisor and FANS [email protected]





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Volunteering for College Fairs -