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Fever, 1793 - Chapters 1-3 -

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Fever 1793Chapters 1-3
What type of business does Matilda’s family own?Why does Eliza think Philadelphia is the best place to be a freed slave?Why does Mattie think Eliza is the luckiest person she knows and considers her to be her best friend?What happened to Polly?Why doesn’t mother want Matilda to bring something to Polly’s mother?
Fever 1793Chapters 4-5
What does Mr.Carristhink is causing the mysterious disease?Define: “I fell asleep in the necessary.”Why is the coffee house making more money than usual? Why are the farmers charging more?How would you describe Mrs.Epler?What did the bell ringing stand for when someone died?
Fever 1793Chapters 6-7
How does Mattie feel about Nathaniel? How do we know?What was Nathaniel’s job?What does Grandfather say about fever victims on page 38?Why does Mrs. Cook want Matilda to join her for tea at theOgilvies’s? Why does Matilda agree to join her that afternoon?Describe Jeanine and Colette Ogilvie.
Fever 1793Chapters 8-9
Why does going to theLudingtons’ Farm sound betterto Mattienow?What is in the cart being pulled by the old man?How does Grandfather react to Lucille’s illness? What does this say about him?Why does mother insist that Mattie leave her alone?
Fever 1793Chapters 10-11
What does Dr. Kerr do to try and cure mother? Why? Do you think he will be successful?Why does Grandfather have to tie a yellow ribbon outside the coffee house?What has happened to Nathaniel?According to Grandfather, a soldiers needs three things: _________, __________, and ___________.Why did armed horsemen stop the wagon before entering Pembroke?
Fever 1793Chapters 12-14
Describe Mattie’s plan of action when she discovers the raspberry bush.How did Mattie try and catch the fish?What does the potato farmer do when Mattie approaches? Why?Why doesn’t Mattie want to be in Bush Hill?Make a prediction about what happened to Lucille.
Fever 1793Chapters 15-17
Why was Matilda being moved to the barn? Describe the barn.On the wagon ride, what did Mrs. Bowles suggest Matilda do?Why shouldn’t Mattie leave her house once she returns to Philadelphia?When Mattie and Grandfather return to Philadelphia, what changes in society have occurred?What was the coffeehouse like when Grandfather and Matilda returned?
Fever 1793Chapters 18-19
How has Mattie become like her mother?List several differences between hygiene in 1793 and hygiene today.Who are the people in Mattie’s house? Why are they there?Describe the fight between Mattie, grandfather and the intruders.What happens to Grandfather?
Fever 1793Chapters 20-22
What item does Mattie bury with her grandfather?How does Mattie get the men to allow a prayer to be said before burying her grandfather?What does Matilda find when she goes to the market for food?Who is Nell? Why does Mattie go searching for the Revered Allen’s group?What does Matilda learn about her mother from Eliza?
Fever 1793Chapters 23-24
Matilda is helping out at Eliza’s house, acting more like an adult with each passing day. Give three ways Matilda is acting like a mature adultWhy does Matilda decide to hurry up and take Nell to the orphan house?Describe the orphan house.What does Matilda find out about Colette Ogilvie?What falls from the sky as Eliza and Matilda are walking home? Who do you think is hidden behind the shutters?What odd ingredient are the people of Philadelphia putting in their bread?Who is making a profit off the yellow fever?
Fever 1793Chapters 25-27
Why is Matilda so against calling a doctor to help William, Robert and Nell?How does the weather change in Chapter 26? What will this mean for the fever?Why does Matilda go to the market? Describe several changes between now and a few weeks ago.Nathaniel stayed locked in a house with his employer, Mr. Peale, during the plague. Since they never left or let anyone enter, how did they survive with the food shortage?What does Mattie decide to do with the coffee house? Why do they need a legal contract?
Fever 1793Chapters 28-Epilouge
Describe the business at the coffeehouse.What event sparks a massive return to the city for all the remaining people in the country?What has happened to Matilda’s mother? Describe how mother has change? Use details from the story.What is the yellow sun a symbol of on page 243?Make a prediction about what will happen to each of the following characters: Mattie, Mother, Nathaniel, Nell and Eliza.





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Fever, 1793 - Chapters 1-3 -