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Product Recall - Mercer University

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Product Recall
What:twins: Dodge Aspen and PlymouthVolare(Chrysler), 1976 and 1977 modelsRecall Date: Dec 28, 1977 & May 1, 1978 (among others)[1]Situation: The 1976 models were collectively named Motor Trend’s ‘Car of the Year’. Several minor recalls ensued in 1978. However, one serious recall cost Chrysler millions of dollars.[2]Nature of Recall: In all, the 1976Volare/Aspen had five mandated recalls on suspension, ignition and fuel systems, brakes, steering, and the body. Chrysler also declared a voluntary recall on all front fenders and adjacent sheet metal.[3]Number of units sold: well over 1 million(291,919Volaresin 1976, for a 42.8% gain in Plymouth sales; 219,449 Aspens in 1976; 382,418Volaresin 1977; 219,449 Aspens in 1977).“In 1977Volare/Aspen accounted for 51.4% of corporate sales.”[3]MSRP[4]: various models;instances: 1976PlymouthVolarePremier $4,3891976Dodge AspenCustom $3,518
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Problems and Responsibility
Problem, Carburetor: the Ball Brothers carburetor was simple and would ice in the winter and flood in warm weather, resulting in stalls.[5]Problem, Brake failures: brakes pull to one side, seized calipers, chafing of calipers boiled brake fluid[5]Various other quality control problems: hot starts (due to bad engineering), poor trunkweatherstrippinginstallation, loosely mounted steering box, cracked brake shoes and drums, defective voltage regulators, defective alternator, broken engine mounts, broken transmission mounts, random loose bolts.[5]Responsibility: Lee Iacocca said in his autobiography: “AspenandVolaréwere introduced in 1975, but they should have been delayed a full six months. The company was hungry for cash, and this time Chrysler didn’t honor the normal cycle of designing, testing, and building an automobile. The customers who bought Aspens andVolarésin 1975 were actually acting as Chrysler’s development engineers. When these cars first came out, they were still in the development phase. Looking back over the past twenty years or so, I can’t think of any cars that caused more disappointment among customers than the Aspen and theVolaré.“[6]
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Impact of Recall
Most major recall (most impactful): “In 1978, Chryslerrecalled every 1976 and 1977 F body for possible replacement of the front fenders, which were prematurely rusting.” This cost Chrysler millions of dollars.[2]Reputation:Chrysler reputation lowered, time taken to regain reputation,These cars almost killed Chrysler: the company was on track to corporate failure in 1979; a series of government loan guarantees by the new CEOIoccocasaved it.[7]Sales: For the next 3 years (1978-1980), sales fell 20%, 22%, and 43% respectively.[3] Even though most of the problems were corrected, the ill-repute was fixed.
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ETM 627 - Justin Blount -





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Product Recall - Mercer University