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Caregivers -- Holiday Stress

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Caregivers --Holiday Stress Busters
Withdrawal from friends, family, and other loved onesLoss of interest in activities previously enjoyedFeeling blue, irritable, hopeless, and helplessChanges in appetite, weight, or bothChanges in sleep patternsGetting sick more oftenFeelings of wanting to hurt yourself or the person for whom you are caringEmotional and physical exhaustionIrritability
Signs of Caregiver Burnout
Unrealistic expectationsLack of controlUnreasonable demandsTaking on more than can be handled
Causes of Caregiver Burnout
Take care of yourselfTalk with someone you trustAccept that you may need helpTake advantage of respite servicesTalk to a professionalKnow your limitsEat right and get plenty of exercise and sleepAccept your feelingsJoin a caregiver support group!
Preventing Burnout
Be flexibleTake care of yourselfCommunicate your needs -Have a Family MeetingSimplify Holiday ActivitiesPlan aheadMake time for family traditionsSay “Yes” to help from family, friends, and others
Holiday Stress Busters
Family Meeting
Who Should Attend?Agree on an appropriate location to meetSet Clear GoalsSet Ground RulesChoose a FacilitatorAssign RolesPrepare for the meetingWhen do we need outside help?Available Resources
Support GroupsStress Buster ActivitiesHoliday CraftsThank You Card to the CaregiversCaregiver Wish ListCaregiver Reward (respite, dinner for two, movie &popcorn, two hour nap, grocery shopping, walk inthe park, etc.)ActivitiesPot Luck with Stress Buster ActivitiesChristmas Party with Christmas BingoTrip to a local Festive EventMovie Day with Grandchildren
Ideas for the Holidays
TrainingStress ManagementManaging Your Time During the HolidaysTips for Managing Finances During HolidaysEffective CommunicationCoping with Grief and Loss
Ideas for the Holidays
What are you already doing for caregivers during the holidays?What can you take back and use in your community?
Sharing Ideas . . .
Mary WestonElderly Services Program CoordinatorGila River Indian CommunityPhone: (520) 562-5232Email:[email protected]
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Caregivers -- Holiday Stress