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Flash 21- What is it_

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Flash 21- What is it?
Flash 21 is a 2-part phosphorous(A)/ iron(B)-based hydrocarbon gelling agent that can be used with most available fuelsIs much more user-friendly and efficient than previous gelling agentsRapid gel times allowburn specialists to react quickly to changing conditions in the field
Storage and Handling
Flash 21 A and B can be placed in cold storage areas, freeze/thaw cycles do not affect product performance or stabilityStorage facilities should be equivalent to a fuel storage locationFor previously frozen product, give the container a brief shake before use to remix any components that may have fallen out of suspension
Basic Mixing Procedures
Thoroughly flush all system components before use if residuals from other products may be presentAdd Flash 21A to fuel container and stir for one minuteAdd Flash 21B to fuel container, and stir until suitable gel has been produced, usually within a couple of minutes
Basic Mixing Procedures
DO NOT mix Flash 21A and Flash 21B together outside the solution, and then add the blended mixture to the fuelDO NOT add other products to a Flash 21 solutionie: Sure Fire or Petro Gel – they will drastically impair the gelling action and viscosity retention properties
Mixing with Ethanol Fuel
Flush system as previously mentionedAdd Flash 21A to fuel and stir for 1 min.Add Flash 21B to mixture, stir for 1 min.If timing is critical, add an amount of fresh water equivalent of 5% of the amount of ethanol blended fuel to “tie” the ethanol and allow gelling to occurAdditional Flash 21 may be required to achieve desired viscosity, double works well
Mixing with Ethanol Fuel
An amount of water in excess of the true amount of ethanol in the blend will result in a small amount of “free water”inthe gel, which MAY create marginal differences in performanceAdding water at 2%, and progressing upwards will prevent free water, but adds slightly to mix times
Mixing with Ethanol Fuel
Ethanol/water component of gel will fully exit the gel structure within approximately 12 hours, and settle in the form of a thin, brownish liquid at the bottom of the vesselShaking or stirring the gel briefly is all that is required to put the precipitate back into the gel structure
Altering Gel Viscosity
Flash 21 components act upon the carbon component of the fuel usedHigher carbon fuels such as diesel fuel produce a thicker gel structure than fuels such as gasolineBlending fuels prior to gelling allows burn specialists to tailor gel viscosity to needs, gel structure will reflect carbon contentof blendAdding additional Flash 21 A and B to light fuels will also serve to increase viscosity
Cold Weather Mixing
Low temperatures will result in slightly increased gelling timeHeavier, higher flash point fuels should be mixed with 25% gasoline to increase volatility and subsequent ease of ignitionStraight gas is the most effective





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Flash 21- What is it_