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PowerPoint-presentasjon - EULAR

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EULARPhysicalActivity &ExerciseTherapyStudyGroup
What we do:Worksystematicallyfor high qualityassessments, recommendations and implementation ofPhysical Activity and Exercise Therapy forpeople with Rheumatic and MusculoskeletalDiseasesFacilitate, support and initiate clinical development, research projects, assessments and session proposals
Find usThrough the year through Linked-In forinformation exchange, discussions, follow-ups, hearings, updates on projects, etc.The core group meets annually at theEULARcongress, announced by the EULAR HP Letter
Who we are:Multidisciplinary research groupwith Physical Activityand Exercise Therapyas special interestsOpento all specialties within the EULAR umbrella and beyond, includingpatients





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PowerPoint-presentasjon - EULAR