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Assist. Prof. Mojca Pavlin Head of the Group for nano and ...

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Assist.Prof.MojcaPavlinHead of the Group for nano and biotechnological applicationsUniversity of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering/Faculty ofMedicine, Slovenia
nanoparticlesdevelopmentandcharacterisation: magnetic, gold, liposomes, functionalisation (DLS, zeta potential, nano-chemical lab)cell labellingand tracking using magnetic nanoparticles, uptake,localisationsusing live fluorescence imaging , TEM, SEM microscopy, spectrofluorometry, flow cytometrygene delivery and silencingdeliveryof small molecules, proteins, DNA and short RNAiinto various mammalian, tumour and primary humancellsusing electroporation, nanoparticles (high-voltage generators)invitro cell cultures, viabilityassayscell signallingrelated to cell stress, inflamation, neurodegenaration, cancerogenesis (Western Blot, PCR)numerical modelling, FEM (Comsol Multiphysics)
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Expected benefits and activities during participation in BIONECA:
would like to collaborate with groups that use nanoparticles for stem cells labellingwould like to share and collaborate with groups that are interested in studies of potential neurotoxicity of nanoparticles, cell signallingwould like to offer gene transfer/silencing methodology to groups in field of neurology and brain diseaseswouldlike tocollaborate with groups with advance in vitro models of brain/neuronssearching partnersfor newprojectsapplicationsForeseen maximum contribution:WG1 and WG2





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Assist. Prof. Mojca Pavlin Head of the Group for nano and ...