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Chapter 6_ Add & Subtract Fractions w_ Unlike Denominators

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Chapter 6:Add & Subtract Fractions w/ Unlike Denominators
Standards: MAFS.5.NF.1.2 ,MAFS.5.NF.1.1
1.common denominatora common multiple of two or more denominators2.common multiplea number that is a multiple of two or more numbers3.equivalent fractionstwo or more fractions that name the same amountEx: 16/20 and 4/54.mixed numbera number represented by a whole number and fraction
5.simplest forma fraction in which 1 is the only number that can divide evenly into the numerator and the denominator
Estimating Fractions
Estimate Fractions: Estimate each fraction. Then solve. Is it closer to 0, ½, or Whole?1 8/9 + 4 8/10 =2 ⅞ - ⅖ =
Equivalent Fractions w/ Common Denominators
You can find a common denominator of two fractions. A common denominator of two fractions is a common multiple of their denominators.Find a common denominator of 1/6 and 7/10. Rewrite the pair of fractions using a common denominator.Step 1Identify the denominators. The denominators are 6 and 10.Step 2List the multiples of the greater denominator, 10. Multiples of 10: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, …Step 3Check if any of the multiples of the greater denominator are evenly divisible by the other denominator. Both 30 and 60 are evenly divisible by 6. Common denominators of 1/6 and 7/10 are 30 and 60.Step 4Rewrite the fractions with a denominator of 30. Multiply the numerator and the denominator of each fraction by the same number so that the denominator results in 30.Find the equivalent fractions for the problems below. Both must have the same denominators.½ and ⅚ 2. ⅗ and ¼
Equivalent Fractions Cont’d

Adding and Subtracting Unlike Denominators
To add or subtract fractions with unlike denominators, you need to rename them as fractions with like denominators. You can do this by making a list of equivalent fractions.Add. 5 /12 + ⅛Step 1Write equivalent fractions. Find the common denominator.Step 2Rewrite the problem using the common denominator.Step 3Add or subtract.**The same steps are also used when you have to add/subtract mixed numbers (ex: 2 ⅓ - 1 ½)Solve the problems below.2 ¾ + 3 1/10= 2. 7 ⅔ - 3 ⅙ = 3. 4/10 + ⅕ =
Adding and Subtracting Cont’d

Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Review for Quiz
Ivy and Alyssa are baking cookies. The recipe lists ⅖ cup of flour. They only have 1/10 cup of flour left. How many more cups of flour do they need in order to bake cookies?2. Anthony and Cannon each bought pizza. The pizzas are the same size. Anthony cut his into 10 slices and Cannon cut his into 5 slices and ate 2 slices. Together, they ate 6/10 slices of one pizza. How many slices of his pizza did Anthony eat?
Review for Quiz
Solve.3.6 ⅖ + 1 ½Find the common denominator then the equivalent fraction.4. Common denominator:⅖ 3/65.Solve.1 ½ + 4 ⅔ =
Review for Quiz
6. Solve.1 ⅝ + 2 ⅔ + 1 ⅜ =





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Chapter 6_ Add & Subtract Fractions w_ Unlike Denominators