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Science Final

Do E-Cigarettes Work In Helping People Stop Smoking?
The Science Problem
The problem and question I will attempt to answer during this presentation is 'Will E-Cigarettes Help You Stop Smoking?'
This is something smokers and non-smokers alike ask all the time.
I will use science as my evidence when answering.
Cigarettes have been long known to contain thousands of harmful chemicals, substances and gases you don't want in your body! Some of these include:

Carbon Monoxide
Hydrogen Cyanide
What Do Cigarettes Contain
Science shows that cigarettes are very harmful and dangerous for a person and for the people around him. Smoking causes about 1/3 of all cancers, including 90% of lung cancer cases! This is astonishing! Many of the chemicals in the tobacco mix in cigarettes and the smoke created are known carcinogens. Some are even used in cleaning solutions!
It is not nictone alone causing cancers and diseases. It is all the accompanying garbage stuffed into cigarettes for our consumption.
What Science Shows
Normal cigarettes contain a tobacco mix rolled in a piece of paper, which is then attached to a filter or 'butt' of the cigarette. A person lights the paper and smoke through the filter, which stops any hard material going through into your body, only allowing smoke.
E-Cigarettes however, are basically vaporisers for a nicotine based liquid, which the mouthpiece contains. The sucking motion activates a heater which vaporises the nicotine, which is then inhaled through the mouth.
Difference Between Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes
The Theory Behind E-Cigarettes
E-Cigarettes are a smoke-free alternative to smokers, which prevents second hand smoking. Lots of smokers claim that these E-Cigs will help them stop smoking. So far, there has not been enough research to conclude anything, but E-Cigs are most likely less harmful to the human body, because of the lack of dangerous chemicals and poisons. There are even some nicotine-free E-Cigarette solutions.
However, synthetic nictone is known to be extremely toxic, so the overall usefulness is still disputed to this date.
Advantages of
E-Cigarettes solutions do not bring on the risk of cancers and diseases related to harmful chemicals

People can enjoy cigarettes without harming others

They can be found anywhere, from the cheapest (and worst) to the fanciest and most epensive

If there are any undiscovered/discovered risks, they are less than risks of consuming normal cigarettes.
Disadvantages of E-Cigarettes
E-Cigarettes are not clearly regulated, so no health warnings or precautions are displayed, especially on dodgy models

Even when being deemed better, the FDA states that E-Cigs can still contain toxins known to be harmful to humans. Manufacturers are not required to submit clinical reports and full ingredient lists!

Advertisers and companies will hide risks to increase sales, same with normal cigaretttes.
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Thanks For Listening!
Keep On Thinking...
How Have
E-Cigarettes Affected Our Community
E-Cigarettes have now been deemed 'healthy' and 'safe' by users, and so far, evidence shows that E-Cigarette smoke is possibly safer than normal cigarette smoke, and now users can smoke normally around their families and friends without being picked on. Day after day smoking is become more widespread, and a multibillion dollar business was created. Cigarettes are now part of our everyday lives. We can either do something to stop this and place strict regulations, or leave it skipping along normally.
According to E-Cigarette retailer, Vaper Train, 'After an initial purchase, the cost of vaping could be less, perhaps significantly less; about half the cost of your analogue smoking (unless you get carried away, as some of us do, with buying many different types of devices). Even upfront, the costs of buying an electronic cigarette may not be that much more expensive. After you've read all the info links, I'm sure you'll be able to choose which E-Cigarette is right for you, and have everything you would need to start this alternative.'

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Science Final