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_-Data Quality_ A Proactive Approach

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David Whisnant, Cynthia Patterson, & Ilona Nagy
Feb. 4, 2019
It is important to prepare individuals for move inDo they have the right documents?Are historic issues settled that can affect housing?Are support systems set up to help them be successful?Time to move them out? Have next steps for your next client and the space. No gaps!Landlords like good tenants. Sometimes tenants need coaching on how to be good tenants.
Know “What to say/What not to say” to a LandlordLearn how to get a new landlord to work with youUnderstand all perspectivesMake housing your client a win for everyoneLandlord Engagement STARTS when person is placedCelebrate Success! Cross pollinate to different landlords when things are working.Sales experience needed! Just because cause its free doesn’t mean client wants it. Sell complexes to clients too.
Learn the common issues and problems that lead to eviction – Read the LeaseMinor lease infractions could become major if there are too manyCoach clients to help them make good decisionsCriminal and Credit Checks Denials – Advocate and be creativeLandlord/Tenant debt payment plansReasonable Accommodation – Tell the whole story and the current situationContinuous safety and wellness checks
Contact Information
Ilona NagyHUD 811 Program CoordinatorOffice of Homeless andSpecial Needs [email protected]
David WhisnantDirectorOffice of Homeless andSpecial Needs [email protected]
Cynthia PattersonSenior ManagerOffice of Homeless andSpecial Needs [email protected]





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_-Data Quality_ A Proactive Approach