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Meg Walsh Award Info Session
September 9, 201511:00a – 12:00p ESTPresented by the Second Decade Society
Rosanna Best Corbin ’98Co-Chair, SDS Student Leadership CommitteePayal Patel ’052005 Meg Walsh Award WinnerCharlotte James ’142014 Meg Walsh Award Winner
Background Information
What is SDS?
The Second Decade Society (SDS) is a group of Johns Hopkins alumni in their second decade since graduation who are committed to enhancing the undergraduate student experience.The group provides advice and financial support for students through programming and leadership advancement.
How SDS supports students:
Meg Walsh AwardSDS Summer Internship SupportCareer Assistance – mock interviews, internship/networking opportunities, employment opportunities; in close collaboration with the Career Center
Who was Florence “Meg” Long Walsh?
Meg Walsh, BA ’84 and SDS memberVice President and Treasurer of Lucent Technologies; very successful in businessPassed away tragically in 1998, was only 37 years oldInspiring to her peers because of her optimism, ambition and work ethic
Meg Walsh Award Information
Meg Walsh Award Benefits
$25,000 stipend for one studentOne-year projectGranted to a graduating senior from the School of Arts and Sciences to conduct an independent project of his/her own design, internationallyThe sky is the limit!
Previous Winners
Ryan Walsh – 2012Travelled to Senegal where he studied the relationship between fossil fuel consumption and food security.DerekNnuro– 2009Went to Ghana to study indigenous funerary rituals to serve as a basis for a piece of literary fictionBrittany Lin – 2007Went to assist/study an orphanage in China – fundraising, arranging for medial missions to the home, caring for critically ill orphans
Program Aim
The aim of the Meg Walsh Award is to support independent inquiry, global perspective and leadership.DreamBIG, and show us your ideas!
Award Timeline
Dec. 1– Applications dueDec. 2– Committee starts to review applicationsJan. 6 – Finalists are notified, interviews are coordinated for the afternoon ofFriday, January 29.On campus participation isREQUIRED.Jan. 29 – Winner is announced
Application Inclusions
A project proposalAdetailedproject budgetAn essay on your leadership accomplishmentsA resumeTwo letters of recommendationAn official University transcript
If you are a FINALIST:
Applicants who are chosen to participate in the January 29, 2016 interviews will berequiredto present a “Letter of Support” from their partner organization, sponsor, etc. - if their project requires such a collaboration – prior to the interview.
What does a great application look like?
CompleteExpresses your passion and personal interest in the projectHonest and critical; creativePresents a strong argument for why you need to be in a specific place to conduct your projectPresents a strong argument for the resources it providesUses the Walsh Award Budget Template!
Items of Note
Things to Consider
The Meg Walsh Award is given to one student each year.You must receive an undergraduate degree from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences in 2016 to be awarded Walsh fundingYour project must take place internationally
Funding Restrictions
Funding must be used to support your project and may not be spent on anyone/anything elseFunding may not be used for study at another college/universityFunding may be used for only one trip to/from the United States, except in health or personal emergenciesFunding is subject to US Income Tax.
What if I also applied for a Fulbright?
If you win the Meg Walsh Award, and you are waiting to hear from the Fulbright committee, you may “conditionally accept” the Award.You may only hold one Award (either the Meg Walsh or Fulbright), and need to decide which to accept.
Lindsay EspositoAssistant Director for Volunteer LeadershipKrieger School of Arts and [email protected] Best Corbin:[email protected] Patel:[email protected]:[email protected]





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Walsh Award Info Session - Krieger Web Services