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SADC Services Negotiations_ Recent Developments

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SADC ServicesNegotiationsRecent Developments
Mauritius NationalConsultationWorkshopon SADC Services NegotiationPort Louis, 16thJuly, 2012
Prepared by:Viola S. NanyaroSADC SecretariatGaborone, BOTSWANA
Started in 2000 by developing a ProtocolThe “Draft Protocol on Trade in Services” was adopted by Ministers of Trade in July 2009Adoption by Council and signature byHoD/S to follow after clearance byMoJ/AGsNov. 2011 CMT decided that:TNF Services should commence negotiations on liberalization commitment at its next meeting and;Request MOJ to expeditiously clear the Draft Protocol for Signature by Summit
Introduction Cont.
MoJconsidered the Protocol in June,2012CoSOin April, 2012 amended the Draft Protocol to reflect the decision by CMT in Nov. 2011Divergence was on the provisions for amendment of the Protocol ( art. 26adoption of Annexes without ratification?)From the divergence it was agreed that……..TNF Services convened in April, 2012Developed a roadmap for the first round of negotiations
1stRound ofNegotiation
Objective :Each Member State will provide better treatment to SADC MS in each priority sector than is provided in their GATS scheduleNo new restrictions to be introduced during the negotiations (“standstill”)Plus: GATS Article VSubstantial sectoral coverage (~ 6 sectors)And elimination of substantially all discrimination (~better than GATS commitments sufficient(?))
Timelines: 1stRound of Negotiations
end August 2012
First phase: requests and offers
April 2012
Requests in at least 2 sectors
end November 2012
Offers in at least 2 sectors
end March 2013
Requests in at least 2 sectors
end June 2013
Offers in at least 2 sectors
Beginning of Negotiations
Timeline 1stRound of Neg. (ctd.)





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SADC Services Negotiations_ Recent Developments