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ABET CAC Accreditation of CS_BS

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Five-YearUndergraduate Enrollments
Five-YearGraduate Enrollments
1. ABET Mock Visit (Sept. 27-29)
Dr. RichEnbody, Michigan StatePossible Weaknesses noted in report:Documentationon assessment review process (e.g., detailed minutes).Documentationin self-study of how the required student characteristics are enabled.Processfor collecting and reviewing measurements for the student learning objectives (SLOs). There is too much data currently being collected and left under-analyzed. A possible approach is to do one or two SLOs per semester.
ABET (continued)
Possible weaknesses he mentioned:Makeuse of multiple operating systems and modern tools.(E.g., Teach CPSC 2150 onWindowssystems. E.g., use g++ -std=c++11 to make use of newer C++extensions.)(added)Lack ofrequired textbooksin multiple courses.
2014-2015 StudentLearning OutcomesMeasures
Student Learning Outcomes
Graduates will be able to applymathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theoryin the modeling and design of computer-based systems in a way that demonstrates comprehension of the tradeoffs involved in design choices.Graduateswill be able toanalyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirementsappropriate to its solution.Graduateswill be able toapply design and development principlesin the construction of software systems that function in accordance with specifications.Graduateswill be able to express ideas effectively in oral and writtencommunications.Graduateswill be able to function effectively onteamsto accomplish a common goal.Graduateswill be able to understandprofessional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities.
2. (A+B) Prerequisite Cleanup
CPSC 1010 -Preqor concurrent enrollment: MATH 1020 or MATH 1040 or MATH 1050 or MATH 1060or MATH 1070orMATH 1080 or MATH 2070. Students who do not meet the prerequisite, but who score a satisfactory score on the Clemson Mathematics Placement Test, or have AP or transfer credit for their math requirements, may request a registration override from theinstructor.CPSC 2070 -Preq: CPSC 1010 or CPSC 1110; and MATH 1020 or MATH1060or MATH 1070.
2. (C)PrequisiteCleanup
CPSC 4910 -Preq: Seniorstandingand CPSC 3720.“Note: I haven't taken any 300 level CPSC classes other than 4910.”
3. (A) New Course
CPSC 1100/1101 – Introduction to Programming 4(3,2)Principles of software development, style, and testing. Topics include procedural and object-orientedprogramming inthe context of real-world applications. Weekly labs to provide hands-on experience.To be taught in Java (objects late).
3. (B) New Course
CPSC 1210/1211 - ComputerSciencePrinciples 3(2,2)Introducesstudents to central idea of computer science, instill ideas and practices of computational thinking. Students will engage in creative activities to show how computing changes the
4. (A+B) AP Credit Changes
CPSC 1100 (instead of 1010) for AP ProgrammingCPSC 1210 for AP Computer Science Principles
5. (A) Prerequisite Change
CPSC2100 -Preq: CPSC1100 or1110;andsatisfactory performance on a pretest.
Addition: 5. (B) Exclusion
Credit may not be received for more than one of CPSC 1010, 1100, and 1110.
6. (A-C) Course Map Changes
“Introduction to Computing Requirement” in Freshman year for all three undergraduate curricula:Select a two-course sequence: CPSC 1010 and 1020; CPSC 1100 and 2100; or CPSC 1110 and 2100. For the CPSC 1110 and 2100 sequence, there will be one elective credit in the first semester.





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ABET CAC Accreditation of CS_BS