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Microsoft Azure ISV Mini Case Study - Nimble Software Systems

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MICROSOFT AZURE ISV:Nimble Software Systems Inc.WEB SITE:www.nimbleschedule.comLOCATION: Carlsbad, CA, USAORG SIZE: 15MICROSOFT AZURE ISV PROFILE:Nimble Software Systems providesa cloud-basedschedulingapp available on mobile devices thatsupports globaloperations overmultiplelocationsand time zones. Designed to make the scheduling process easier and lesstime-consuming, NimbleSchedule isbecominga favoritemanagementtool formany businesses.Read about other Microsoft Azure ISVs
Cloud Platform Lowers Implementation Barriers, Offers Security for Mobile Scheduling Solution
SITUATIONThe days of using paper notes and plain spreadsheets are over when it comes to employee scheduling. Companies need aflexible, forscheduling solution thatprovidesemployeeswith more flexibility andfreedomas well as with an automated system to track employee attendance and time offrequests. But businesses want a simple-to-use app that doesn’t require infrastructure costs or administration.
BENEFITSMicrosoft Azure offersthe needed security for storing the sensitivedataofbig orsmall companies.Microsoft Azuredelivers high availability whileeliminatingthe costs and administration ofinfrastructure.
“We wanted to focus on providing an optimal online scheduling solution to the end user without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure or platform. That’s whyMicrosoftAzure was our natural choice.” – Sasha Poljak, CEO, Nimble Software Systems Inc.
SOLUTIONNimbleSchedule chose to deliver its solution,a uniquely designedsystemthrough which companies can schedule their employees using manual or automatedfeatures, from the cloud via Microsoft Azure. NimbleSchedule, which offersa time clocking option andmobile employeeself servicefor shiftswaps,shift pickups,and time offrequests,is powered by Microsoft AzurePlatform as a Service (PaaS), and uses MicrosoftAzure SQLDatabaseas its data storageengine.





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Microsoft Azure ISV Mini Case Study - Nimble Software Systems