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Aligning Faculty Assignments with Activities; UF Effort ...

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Aligning Faculty Assignments with Activities; UF Effort Reporting, Academic Mission, and Comp Plan
Faculty Council MeetingFebruary 7, 2017
Principles of Mission Assignment Crosswalk
Enables faculty to determine appropriate categories for the following purposes:UF Effort Reporting Categories (by semester)Compensation Plan Work AssignmentAcademic Mission for Promotion (annual evaluations AND Promotion and Tenure packets)TeachingResearchServiceClinical Service/Patient Care Reporting CategoriesRe-enforces the assignment of “service” and “administration” into appropriate promotion categoriesBudgeting Categories**All of the above should be reported by % and must equal 100% regardless of FTE
Color Coding – according to Academic Mission
Patient Care/Teaching
Activities that involve teaching and leadership in teaching – are appropriate for the Teaching missionPatient Care with students, residents, fellowsClerkship DirectorResidency DirectorThe Patient Care missions may include clinical leadership positionsClinic directorProgram DirectorMedical Director
Do I Report Patient Care or Teaching?
*Time spent providing "patient care with residents and fellows" and "patient care with students" is attributable for promotion to the missions of "Clinical/Patient Care" and "Teaching" proportionally to the intensity of education activities in the clinical setting while providing patient care.
Externally funded research must be reported by fund sourcePI must approve effort of every participant who participated in the researchCan include activities directly related to the research (i.e., lectures, writing reports and articles)Cannot include proposal preparation except for non-competing continuations (progress reports) on the existing fundDepartment Research is unfunded by outside sourcesCan include proposal preparation for new grants
How Do I Report Research Effort?
Administration/UF Governance/Service
Administration is best consideredto be thoseactivities which comprise a leadership role with major administrative duties – and which typically have an “administrative supplement” attachedDivision ChiefDepartment ChairAssistant Dean, Associate Dean, Dean
Administration/UF Governance/Service (continued)
May include:Membership or Offices on Faculty Council or Faculty Senate;Membership or leadership on departmental, hospital or university committees;Membership or leadership on search committees;Program development that enhances diversity;Participation as a member of the IRB or IACUC;Committee work at the local, regional or national level in professional societies;Contributions in the service of local charities;Advisement or contributions to local, state or national governing or political bodiesGenerally, these are not funded – except for IRB, IACUCUsually a very small assignment or not part of the formal assignment
How Do I Report Administrative Effort?
Four UF Missions are appropriate activities for evaluation for promotionTeachingResearchServiceClinical Service/PatientCare“Administrative” Roles are not.UF Regulation 7.019(2)4.e.“Consideration for tenure, permanent status, or promotion during an administrative appointment shall be based on the faculty duties in teaching, research, service (including clinical service) or extension evaluated under the University’s criteria for tenure and promotion andshall not be based on the administrative portion of the assignment.” (emphasis added)
Suggested Language – 3 scenarios for Multi-Mission Faculty
Your work assignment as a faculty member will be 80% in clinical settings and 20% in non-clinical settings.Your mission assignment for promotion will be 64% patient care, 16% ClinicalEducation, and 20% research.Yourbudget Assignment would be80% Patient Care—Clinical (64%+16%), 20% Research—C&G
Suggested Language – for Research Faculty
Your work assignment as a faculty member will be50% in extramural research;10% department funded research; 30% teaching and 10% serviceYour mission assignment for promotion will be 60% research, 30% education, and 10% service.Your budget Assignment would be 50% Research—C&G, 10% Research—DFR, 10% Classroom Teaching—DFE, 10% Division/Dept Administration





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Aligning Faculty Assignments with Activities; UF Effort ...