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Chapter Ten--The Perfect Day - Saint Agatha School

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Chapter Ten--The Perfect Day
What do the initials PT stand for in this chapter?What does Jess want Leslie to teach him how to do in the summer?Who telephoned Jess and what did the caller want?Why did Jess not tell his mother where he was going?What didn't occur to Jess until the car was pastMillsburg.When does Jess first realize that something is wrong?Describe the scene in the kitchen upon Jess' return.Vocabulary: scrawny, idly, udder, anxiety, flank, absorbed, vaulted, liberated, disguised, kinship
Chapter Eleven--No!
How did Jess react when he was given the news?Describe how Jess feels when he wakes up in the middle of the night.Why does Brenda Aarons express surprise at her brother'sbehaviour?Why does Jess' father suggest that they should pay a visit to theneighbours?Why did May Belle say that she wanted to visit theneighbourswith them?Vocabulary: relentlessly, dread, lopsided, hurtling, dredging, rumpled, accusation, doused, cider, fitting
Chapter Twelve--Stranded!
Describe the scene in the Perkins place when the Aarons arrive.Why does Jess think that Leslie has failed him?What is the significance of the phrase, I am now the fastest runner in the fifth grade?What does Jess realize when Bill mentions that they had decided to have the body cremated?What does Jess mean when he says that Leslie has left him stranded like an astronaut on the moon?What question does Jess ask his father about hell?Why did Bill give P.T. to Jess?Vocabulary: knocker, snicker, smothering, mushy, cremated, retrieved, bold
Chapter Thirteen--Building the Bridge
Why is the glass of milk that Jess pours for himself warm?Whose cry shatters the quietness of Jess' solemn procession?Why did Mrs. Myers ask Jesse to step into the hall?Jess remarks that Leslie took him from the cow pasture toTerabithiaand turned him into a king.  What does Jess mean by this statement?  Explain in your own words.At the end of the story we find that Jess is building a bridge toTerabithia.  Why is this so important and what does it tell the reader about Jess?Vocabulary: piteously, procession, chaos, obediently, paramedics, solemn, barked, allegiance, fragile, predators, crosspieces, emphasis, planks, gully





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Chapter Ten--The Perfect Day - Saint Agatha School