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Making Sense of Land Use Maps - CF at BHS

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Making Sense of Land Use Maps - CF at BHS
?Maps?for smart-phone natives … when the curriculum doesn’t include orienteering?Build authentic, engaging, kinesthetic experiences
How this year rolled out at BHS - 2017-18:
Campus survey and topomapsLocal opportunity:CarriageGrove– theredevelopment of the former Belchertown State SchoolpropertyHFcoach: Josh Rapp visitsBHSLandScience: MA Audubon & UWisc-Madison virtualinternshipMaps Jigsaw: Expert - Mixed - Expert
Start from scratch: BHS Campus survey

Land use from the ground and the air: tally marks

Creating a topographic mapObjectives:You will use simple equipment to measure a small section of the BHS groundsYou will use your data to draw a map of a cross section of the BHS groundsYou will combine your data with the rest of the class to produce a topographic map of the area
Reading topo maps

Chiming in on the development of Carriage Grove

Map Jigsaw:Expert groups make sense of one CF map
With a dry-erase marker, outline any area the sizeof a penny (~2cm) or larger that shows uninterrupted greenCalculate/Estimate the uninterrupted green area on your map in “pennies” units
Wildland and Woodlands: Changes to the Land …consideringecosystemservices
“Recent Trends”scenarioMA in 2060
“Opportunistic Growth” scenarioMA in 2060

Maps Jigsaw: Mixed-map groups convene to share Summaries and to learn from each other

Maps Jigsaw - Last steps
Expert groups reform, sharing insight gleaned from listening to other expertsRewrite/edit Summary, utilizing feedback, questions and clarification from the mixed-map groupsexpert group divides into small teams to write a 5-minute lesson
Student feedback
What worked?The penny question - it was fun, and took problem solving to complete which was cool.
What didn’t work?we needed more map copies & more time to work on all the maps
What information did you need that you did not have?I think I had all the information that I needed throughout except for when we split into the different groups
Suggest either a re-write or redaction of 1 of the questions. State the section and number.PartA question 3 : we didn’t understand how to find out how long it would take you if you walked an average of 6.5 km/hour … give us miles instead of Km
Suggest either a re-write or redaction of one more of the questionspart C is kinda irrelevant it should just be something to talk about like why should we protect the forest
Tell me something that will help the next group of students more easily make sense of these mapsDefinitely show and thoroughly explain what each part of the map was and what each part represents
Ok, what did I miss?I think that overall the project was good but there are definitely things that could have been optimized but I know that it was your test run so I think it went as good as it could have.





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Making Sense of Land Use Maps - CF at BHS