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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapters 1-8

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The Count of Monte CristoChapters1-8Summary Guide
Chapter One: Who, Where, When?
Who:EdmondDantes(First Mate/Captain), 19 years oldDanglars(Purser)CaptainLeClere(Captain dies of brain fever)Morrel(Ship Owner)Where:Marseilles, FranceWhen: Feb. 24, 1815;
Dantesis acting captain of thePharaonafter the captaindiesDantesis well liked,Danglarsisjealousalmostfight on island of MonteCristoCaptainLeClereasksDantesto deliver a letter toMarechalon island of Elba (Napoleon is exiled there)DanglarstellsMorrelDanteslost a day of sailing by stopping at Elba (casts suspicion onDantes)MorrelrespectsDantesand makes himcaptainDanteswants to see father andMercedesplans on marrying Mercedes and taking a trip to Paris
Chapter 1: What, Why,How?
Chapter Two: Who,Where, When?
Who:EdmondDantes(captain),Danglars(jealous ofDantes’ fame and fortune)OldDantes(Edmond’s father)Caderouse(26 years old, tailor, neighbor, made OldDantesspend all of his money to pay back his son’s debt)Where:Marseilles, FranceOld Dante’s homeWhen: Feb. 24, 1815 still the same day!
Dantes’ father is poor, old, sick andhungryit’sa great honor forDantesto be captain: higher salary and share inprofitsDantesgives his father money, they have a great relationship,Caderouse(their neighbor/tailor) made OldDantespayDantes’debtOldDantesgaveCaderouseall of the moneyDantesleft him to live off of while away atseaCaderousejoinsDanglarsandDanglarsis upset thatDantesiscaptainDantesgoes to seeMercedesCaderousegossips withDanglarsabout a young man (Fernand) who has been spending a lot of time withMercedesDanglarssuggests they followDantes
Chapter 2: What, Why, How:
Who:EdmondDantes(captain),Danglars(jealous ofDantes’ fame and fortune)Caderouse(Dantes’ neighbor)Mercedes (young, beautiful, 17, Dante’s girl friend/soon to be fiancé) and Fernand (20, Mercedes’ cousin/in love with her and wants to marry her)Where:Marseilles, France (Catalans- Spanish village in France)When: Feb. 24, 1815; still same day
Chapter Three: Who,Where, When?
Chapter 3 What, Why, How:Fernand is in love with his cousin, Mercedes, and she is very fond of him, but she is in love withDantesFernandasks her to marry him, but Mercedes says no (loves him like abrother)sheassures him that it would not be right to marry someone when their heart belongs to someoneelseDantesarrives and Fernand sits in the shadows (3rdwheel), Fernand scowls atDantes, and Fernand fleesHe runsintoDanglarsandCaderousedrinking wine at atavern
Caderousefuels the fire in Fernand teasing him that he looks like a rejectedloverFernand revealsthat Mercedes andDanteswill bemarried at onceCaderousepoints out thatDanteswill also becaptainCaderouseisdrunk andpoints out thatDantesandMercredesare walking together and kissing (instigating the anger in Fernand andDanglars)Caderouseinvitesthemover to the tableDantesreveals he must go to Paris for a last wish of CaptainLeClere(to deliver aletter)Danglarsis preparing to use a letter to ruinDantesand converses with Fernand andCaderouseon hisplot (infer they are plotting againstDantes)
Who:EdmondDantes(captain),Danglars(jealous ofDantes’ fame and fortune)Caderouse(Dantes’ neighbor)Mercedes (young, beautiful, 17, Dante’s girl friend/soon to be fiancé) and Fernand (20, Mercedes’ cousin/in love with her and wants to marry her)30 Guests: sailors of thePharaon, soldier friends, M.Morrel, OldDantes, bridal party, friends and familyWhere:Marseilles,France; betrothal (engagement) feast in a large room at La Reserve,When: the next day Feb. 25, 1815; 11:00 am
Chapter Four: Who,Where, When?
Edmond and Mercedes are having their wedding engagement feast (betrothal feast)Fine food and guestsHonor that M.Morrelattends- men are happy for it’s a good signDanteswill be their captainDanteshas everything he ever wanted; it alarms him (too good to be true…came too easily)Plans on marrying Mercedes in an hour and a halfthen plans on leaving for Paris the following day and back again March 1A policeman entersNo one knows what is going on andM.Morrelbelieves it is a mistakeOfficer has a warrant for Dante’s arrestOldDantesbegs the officer to let his son go
Chapter 4 What, Why,How?
Danglarssaid, “I will vouch for your innocence”Danteswas taken away by a carriage back to Marseilles and heard Mercedes call out to himM.Morrelleaves and tries to find out whyDanteswas arrestedMrecedeshas a bad feeling and leaves crying in despair;Dantessmiles knowing he is innocentMercedes,M.Morrel, OldDantesall believe he is innocentM.Morrel- accused of being aBonapartist- supporter of NapoleonBonpartistFernand swoops in and takes Mercedes homeDanglarsremindsM.Morrelto rememberDantesstopped at Elba suspiciouslyM.MorrelmakesDanglarscaptain in the meantimeM.Morrelgoes to see his friendVillefort(deputy head of the court)Danglarsrevelashis plan worked- he got captain…worried thatCaderoussewon’t keep the plan a secret
Chapter Five: Who,Where,When?
Who:VillefortMorrelDantespolice/gendarmesWhere:Villefort’shouseWhen: Feb. 25, 1815- same day as wedding engagement party
Villefortwas enjoying his own betrothal party with fiancé-MadamoiselledeSaint-Meran- wealthy and influential familyVillefortwants to move up in his positionAnanonomyousletter came to theProcureurduRoiwho was absent, accusing EdmondDantesof aBonapartistconspiracySecretary interruptedVillefort’sparty (irony)MorrelmeetsVillefortoutside beforeVillefortinterrogates himMorreldefendsDantes’ character andVilleforttakes this into considerationHad a good first impression ofDantesand could relate to happiness of getting marriedDenies being political or supporter of Napoleon…loves father, admiresMorrel, and adores Mercedes…Villefortis convinced of his innocence
Chapter 5:What, How, Why?
Villefortasks ifDanteshas enemies or if anyone could be jealous…doesn’t thinks soVillefortcautionsDantesabout knowing his surroundingsDantesdoesn’t recognize the hand writing of the letterReveals CaptainLeClere’sfinal death wish…Villefortbelieves himVillefortasks to see the letter…sees it’s addressed to: MonsieurNoirtier…this causesVillefortdistress because it’s his father…supporter of Napoleon…could ruinVillefort’smarriage to a royalist and ruin his career if this gets outVillefortdestroys the letter in the fire…Dantespromises not to tell of the letterSendsDantesto prison butbelivesVilleforthas saved him…but then gets an idea to use the letter to get recognition from the king…decides to tell the king that Napoleon is planning on leaving Elba…now he must turn onDantesto advance his reputation.
Chapter 5: What, How, Why?
Who:Dantespolice/gendarmesWhere:Prison cell, boat, Chateaud’Ifa State Prison surrounded by water…high security, dungeonWhen:4:00, March 1… 6 days after getting off the ship
Chapter Six: Who,Where, When?
Danteswas taken to a dark cell (March 1)Begins to lose hopeHe was taken to a dock surrounded by policeNo explanation for arrest…but believes inVillefortsince he destroyed the letterTaken to Chateaud’If(state prison surrounded by water…high security)Tries to jump off the boatTaken to cellTries to ask a guard to take a letter to Mercedes but guard will notTries to attack thegoalerDantestaken to dungeon as punishment
Who:VillefortMercedesMorrelDanglarsKing Louis XVIII and Minister of PoliceCaderousseWhere:Villefort’shome, Mercedes’ home, Paris (King’s court)When: still March 1-March 3
Chapter Seven: Who,Where, When?
Villefortwas at his home making plans to go to ParisMercedes goes toVillefort’shome because she hadn’t heard any news ofDantesand wants answersMercedes is upsetVillefortfeels guilty and sad but is rude to her and tells her thatDantesis a criminal and that’s all he knowsNever before had he felt guilt and he sent many to prison (but believed they were guilty of a crime)…feels guilty now because he knowsDantesis innocentMercedes is so depressed and Fernand is there to support her and love her but she is oblivious to his advancesMorreldid not give up…he went to all his influential friends/men in townNoonecould help because of the severity…Dantesis an accusedBonapartistCaderoussewas restless…instead of helpingDantes, he locks himself in his house with wine (guilt)
Chapter 7 What, Why,How?
Danglarsfelt no guilt or remorseHe was happyAvenged his enemy and received the desired position…slept peacefullyVillefortgets entry to the King in ParisHe tells of the letter (he destroyed of course leaving out the name to whom the letter was addressed)Reveals the usurper leftElba on the 28thand landed om FranceKing is mad that this report is being told now on March 3Death of GeneralQuesnelis important because it was an assassin not suicide…left aBonapartistclub (secret meeting)…Quesnelwas a loyalist and is believed to have fallen under aBonapartisttrapVillefortis nervousDenies seeing his father…not on good termsReceives the Legion of Honor cross by the king
Napoleon’s escape brought down the government system in France once again (Hundred Days)Villefortgained nothing from the king but caused him more danger now that Napoleon escapedVillefortkeepsDantesin prisonWaterloo…Napoleon defeated andMorrelgives up trying to getDantesout becauseMorrelcould risk his safetyKing Louis back on throne, andVillefortgets job promotion and marries de SaintMeranDanglarsdidn’trelizethe severity of his action until Napoleon escaped and he blamed it onDantes’ fateDanglarsbecame afraid thatDantesmight return and take his revenge onDanglars-DanglarsasksMorrelto leave to become a Spanish merchantFernand left Mercedes and joined the army…worried thatDanteswould return and take Mercedes from him againMercedes so sad contemplated suicideOldDanteslost all hope…died in Mercedes’ arms andMorrelpaid for his expenses…risked life to help becauseDantesis accusedBonapartist
Who:Dantes#27 ( prisoner)Goaler/GuardWhere:Chateaud’If(a prison surrounded by water),cellWhen:Danteshas been in prison for 4-5 years and #27 has been there for 4 more years than him
Chapter 8: Who, Where,When?
Chapter 8: What, Why, How?
Dantesis depressed…grieving …wants to die…contemplates suicide by starvation or hanging…decides to starveLoses all hopeHe hears a scratching sound…not an animal…realizes it’s a prisoner trying to escape…givesDanteshope to live!!!Knocks 3 times on the wallThree days pass before he hears the prisoner again…Breaks a water pitcher and uses the fragments to dig…places the soup container in front of the door so thegoalerbreaks it and he gets the handleHits a beam while digging…calls out to God in despair#27 calls out to him…ask questionsDantestells him everything…too trustingPrisoner #27 wants to find the sea…Dantestells him he’s going in wrong directionPrisoner #27 conceals identity and life story…#27 is cautious and not trustingDantesdigs and helps…Danteswants a father/son relationshipSuspense is built…#27 emerges through the hole in the wall.





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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapters 1-8