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Biotechnology Plant Design:Biotechnology Plant Design Lab: You need to have knowledge about the different phases of process design from idea to plant understand the methodology for feasibility studies of biotechnological processes be familiar with how technology economy market and legislation interacts in a feasibility study be familiar with the work of a project group including knowledge on some common tools for project management understand the basis for commercialization of business ideas such as market valuation access to IP and financing.Biotechnology Plant DesignThis article presents an idea of the design construction and validation issues to be considered for a GMP Biotechnology Manufacturing facility. Topics to be covered include architectural considerations equipment utilities materials of construction and computerization FDA expectations for biotech manufacturer.It will be handy if you get some short research projects Discussions of current reference articles and case studies.
You need to consider all these below topics for a Biotechnology Plant Lab Design:Overview/Project Life Cycle/Master PlanBulk Plant Design from a Process/Product PerspectiveBioreactor/Downstream Equipment DesignFacilities Design Overview/Architectural ConsiderationsUtilities/Materials of Construction: Properties and SelectionSIP/CIPHVAC/Sterile PipingContainment/SafetyInstrument Controls/Software ValidationComputerization/CIM/POMFacilities/Utilities ValidationApproaches for the smaller biotech manufacturerContractual considerationsLicensingFDA perspectiveBiotech Laboratory Construction
Integrated analysis of material and energy balanceThe material balances andenergy balances in theprocess analysis design project procedure environmental regulations in setting up the plant and the cost estimation.Process plant-design developmentflow sheet developmentEquipment design and specificationsComputer aided designGeneral overall design considerationsEnvironementalregulations and safetyCost Estimation - Profitability analysis of investmentsThe design approach - Engineering ethics in design.Problems in material and energy balancesComputer Aided DesignPlant location - Factors involved:procedures for plant locationpreparing the layout of plants thestorage methods and the materials handling in the industry.
Selection of plant site:Plant layout - Preparation of plant layoutPlant operation and controlMaintenance and utilitiesStorage and Material Handling
Process creation - Batch versus ContinuousThe configurations of the  Raw material and product specification   bioreactors &  the design aspects of different bioreactors and its constraints.Process specificationFluid flow and mixingProblems in the fluid flow and mixingCalculation ofimpellardiameterCalculation ofimpellarspeed and power
Process Design - Types of process design:Process flow diagramsProblems in the design of bioreactorsProblems in the design of bioreactorsProblems in the design of bioreactors
Design of reactor systems:Power requirement forgasandungassedreactors.Design of extraction equipmentDesign concepts for membrane separationDesign of filtrationequipmentsDesign of dryingequipmentsEstimation of capital investmentEstimation of operating costUncertainty analysis
For detailed study of mentioned topics please go through:Plant design and Economics for Chemical EngineersMax S.Peter,,Chemical Engineering and Plant DesignUllmann'sBioprocess Engineering Principles Pauline M. DoranBiochemical engineering fundamentals James E BaileyBioreactor designA.H.ScraggProcess Design Case studies Scott R & Macleod





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