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Designing a Database -

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Access Forms
Make data entry easierMore ways to view table dataCan customize help on fieldsCan display calculated fieldsAre easy to create with wizards
Types of forms
Columnar – each field appears on a separate line with a label to its left – verticalTabular – best for just a few fields –horizontalDatasheet – much like the table datasheet viewHierarchical – multiple table on one form
Creating a Form
Start with the wizard, then modifyCreate a simple form for the Contacts InputNote that the lookups are already there
Data from MultipleTables
Forms can displaydatafrom multiple tablesCreate a form with Contacts and the City and State from ZipsCan be confusing – appears to all be data from the same tableDisable the City and State fields
Hierarchical Forms
Forms and subformsCan see data from multiple tablesCreate a form for the Contacts and Donation tables
You can edit forms to make them look just the way you wantWe will look at editing forms in more depth next week
Navigating and Editing in Forms
Search for “keyboard shortcut”CTRL-’ is the ditto keyCan be real time-savers during data entry





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Designing a Database -