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Financial impacts on State System -

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Financial Impacts on The State System
ByVivak Patel
What is Unmet Need?
Example of Unmet needIn 2012 Millersville’s On-campus cost was $17,434.0 EFC family would have to complete a Parent Plus loan to obtain a $1,316 refund check (Parent Plus Denial)Without a Parent Plus Denial. Student would owe out of pocket $2684 for the year
How has Federal and State Aid Changed 2012-2018?
How has Tuition Changed from 2012 to 2018?
What is the Financial Gap and How has it Changed from 2012-2018?
Reduction in PELL students within Freshmen Cohorts 2012-2016
Have our 2ndyear Persistence Rates changed with Pell students?
Are Students Borrowing more?
How Many Students are Affected by Recent Changes to Tuition
Inability to obtain their classroomtextbooks,increasedstress/anxiety, food insecurityDecrease in Underrepresented populationDecrease in 4-year graduation ratesIncreased Bad Debt and Increased percentage of students with outstanding balancesPolicies and procedures





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Financial impacts on State System -