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Department Head Meeting

November 7, 2018
IntroductionsProvost’s Office Searches:Dean of the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural ResourcesDean of the College of Liberal SciencesVice Provost for Health SciencesAssistant Vice Provost for Finance and Administration
UConn Bookstore Course Materials are Past DUE
“With Spring 2019 pre-registration well underway,coursebook/textbook orders for Winter 2019 and Spring 2019 classes are now past due. All faculty should submit their orders as soon as possible. Textbook adoptions may be submitted via the Barnes and Noble Faculty portal,FacultyEnlight, or by calling/emailing your usual textbook department representative. If you're unsure who to contact, please ask your department Admins. We work closely with them to facilitate the process.”
Sabbatical requests are due ayearin advance.Spring finals fall duringRamadan-guidance will be sent out mid-JanuaryStudent absences due toillness-look out for a reminder email in January
Call for nominations- Board of Trustees Distinguished ProfessorThe due date for nominations for 2018-2019 isFRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2018.
CETL Teaching AwardsYouwill be receiving an email from CETL related to university teaching awards.  Each DH can nominate four names/nominees, one for each of the four teaching awards. All you have to do is identify your best faculty/TA’s and provide their names, and CETL will look after the rest.  Deadline for providing nominees isMonday November 19th.  Your individual faculty nominees have responsibility for, and will have until January 14thto complete their application.  All nominees and award recipients will be honored at a university wide reception on April 3rd.





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