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Spirituality and Health Care Chapter Twenty

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Spirituality and Health CareChapter Twenty-one
CatherineHrycyk,MScNNursing 50
Topics for today:-Spirituality-what is it?-religious & secular perspective-spiritual distress-spiritual practices in health & illness-nursing practice & spiritual wellness
People have ritualized their recognition of rhythm oftransitionthrough religion or custom*human life cycle- birth, puberty, etc*solar- lunar cycles*agricultural/ reproductive cyclesPeople have learned the importance of transitions and learn thru their own culture/ religions how to behave during each transitionNurses are in contact with people within the context of these transitions, times of anxiety and/or vulnerability, andmayfacilitategetting spiritual support needed for perceived spiritual abandonment
Definition:-a sense of meaning of life or association with a sense of inner spiritConcept of ‘hope’ is central to spiritualityCreates a set of beliefs and values that influence the way people conduct their lives
ReligiousvsSecular Perspective
Religious Perspective:-spirit defined as encompassing the ideology of the image of God or soul that exists in everyone-set of beliefs that help explain the meaning of life, suffering, health & illness
ReligiousvsSecular Perspective
Secular Perspective:-a set of positive values, such as love, honesty or truth, chosen by the individual that ultimately becomes that person’s supreme focus of live and organizing framework-values motivate the individual toward fulfillment of needs, goals and aspirations
Spiritual Distress
Definition:-a disruption in the life principle that pervades a person’s entire being and integrates and transcends one’s biological and psychosocial nature-“mad at God”, “what’s it all for?”, “what does it all mean?”, “why me?”-occurs in relation to separation from religious or cultural supports, challenges to beliefs and values, or intense suffering
Spiritual Practices in Health & Illness
Spiritual modes of healing are designed to enhance comfort and produce an inner peace with disability, illness, and/or death*prayer- seen as powerful force that can influence events for the better*meditation and healing- relaxation response and prayer have been demonstrated to affect illness (‘remembered wellness’ or ‘placebo effect’)
Spiritual Practices in Health & Illness
*therapeutic touch- redirecting human energy. Stimulates energy flow, clears congested areas, dampens excess energetic activity and synchronizes the rhythmic waves of energy flow*visualization- using an image of a desired outcome or the process of attaining it (athletes often use this approach)
Nursing Practice and Spiritual Wellness
Shift the view from ‘vocation’ (a calling) to ‘profession’ in order to achieve appropriate value in a system that is increasingly economically oriented (back to professional status!)Considered a ‘vocation’ in the context of world’s religions: the symbolic and deep meaning of the work that nurses doWhen nursing is carried out with deep consciousness and purpose, it nurtures the clientandthe nurse!
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Spirituality and Health Care Chapter Twenty