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Region III Regional Response Team Meeting
Dover, DEMay 7-9, 2019Highlights, Action Items, Potential Agenda Topics,Upcoming Meeting Dates
General Information to Website
The following items are posted on the RRT3 Website (located in the RRT3 Meetings 2019 webpage in the“Documents” Tab under “05-2019 Meeting”):Final AgendaList of AttendeesThis PowerPoint Summary of the MeetingsPresentationsWorkgroup documents in process / HandoutsTraining Opportunities & Presentations ListSummary of Agency Report-Outs(
General Agenda
Tuesday, 05/07/2019:Inland Area Committee MeetingPresentations and Outbriefs on CommunicationsAdvancesExecutive Committee Meeting and USCG D5 Response Group SessionWednesday, 05/08/2019:Standing RRT3 Meeting with Agency and Workgroup Report-OutsSelect Presentations and OutbriefsThursday, 05/09/2019:Workgroup Working Sessions:Consultation, Natural Resources & Damage AssessmentInformation Management and OutreachRCP Re-WriteSpill Response Countermeasures
New Plans and References Added to RRT3 Website
Region III Regional Contingency Plan (RCP)is available on the Region III RCP Webpage: followingRegion III Inland Area Contingency Plan (IACP)documents have completed their 60-day review and comment period:Volume I – Region III – IACPVolume IV – Northeast PA Sub-Area Contingency Plan (SACP)Volume V – Southcentral PA SACPThefollowing Region III Inland Area Contingency Plan (IACP) documents have been posted to the IACP website for their 60-day review and comment period:Volume X – Shenandoah Valley Sub-Area Contingency Plan (SACP)Note: you must be logged in to access plans located under the “*Review” CategoryTheRRT III 2019 Work Planis posted on the RRT III PLANS webpage ( “Documents” Tab under “Work Plan”
New Plans and References Added to RRT3 Website (continued)
SignedInformation Management Planavailable on RRT III PLANS webpage:“Region III Regional Response Team Guidance for the Decanting of Contact Water in Inland, Ocean, and Coastal Waters” posted on the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets Website “Region III Surface Washing Agents Preauthorization Test and Evaluation Protocol” posted on the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets Website Matrix for Inland ResourcesAvailable on Response Tools-Fact Sheets webpage: and Federal Agency Fact SheetsAvailable on Response Tools-Fact Sheets webpage: Calendarfor the RRT III Membership is posted to the RRT III Home Page webpage ( “Events” TabNOAA Marine Debris Guidance Documents…
Tuesday Topics
May 7, 2019
Inland Area Committee (IAC)Debbie Lindsey (EPA) and Melissa Linden (EPA) – Chairs;Robin Dermigny & Debbie Scholz (START Contractors)
AGENDA:Inland Area Planning UpdatesMelissaLinden will be the EPA Lead OSC and WorkgroupChair; Debbie Lindsey, EPA will remain as her backup.Thank you toDebbie Lindsey forher dedication and service!Sub-Area Updates and Report-Outs from OSCsIACP and Sub-Area Planning UpdatesVolumes I and V will have comments incorporated; all revised plans will be posted to the Region 3 OSC Planning DashboardUpdates to the Dashboard and Viewer SystemStatus of Air Monitoring Equipment Resources – Federal and StateHOT TOPICDISCUSSION:“Water utilities flushing / discharge issues, firefighting, oil/hazardous substance cleanup, etc. Status Update”“MSU Huntington Tri-State Sub-Area Planning” – presented by Debbie Lindsey (EPA)
Inland Area Committee (IAC)Debbie Lindsey (EPA) and Melissa Linden (EPA) – Chairs;Robin Dermigny & Debbie Scholz (START Contractors)
AGENDA, continued:PRESENTATION: “Aliquippa Tin Mill Oil Discharge”was not presenteddue to time constraints (Debbie Lindsey, EPA)PRESENTATION SERIES: “EPA’s Oil and Prevention Programs”“FRP and SPCC Overview”presentedby Mark Wejrowski (EPA Region III)“Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)”presentedby Teresa Gallagher (EPA Region III)“Risk Management Program (RMP)”presentedby Mary Hunt(EPARegionIII)PRESENTATION:“OilSpill ResponseResearch, Testing, and Training at OHMSETT” presentedby Leonard Zabilansky, Facility Manager, OHMSETTThe IAC Meeting slides and allpresentations provided on theRRT3Meetings 2019 Website ( under the “Documents” Tab under “05-2019 Meeting”
IAC (continued)
Proposed IAC Workgroup Activity Timeline:
Tuesday Presentations
PRESENTATIONSprovided in their entirety on RRT3 Meetings 2019 Website ( under the “Documents” Tab under “05-2019 Meeting”:PRESENTATION:“Delaware Valley Early Warning System”presented byAlexRidyard(Sage Services, LLC)PRESENTATION:“FirstNet – Built for and With Public Safety”presented byJim Mullen, Jr. (FirstNet Regional Manager)PRESENTATION:“Office of Public Radio Systems”Jamie Bethard[No presentation slides]
Training WorkgroupChair –KaitlinHess (EPA) – Chair; Robin Dermigny and Debbie Scholz (START Contractor)
Did not meet.Executive Committee will review and suggest training opportunities for November 2019 RRT III Meeting to the Planning CommitteeACTION ITEMS (all participant members):Review and provide comments on the current list of Training Opportunities and PresentationsProvide suggestions and/or contact information for future training/presentation topics toKaitlinHess
Executive CommitteeCo-Chairs: Kevin Boyd (EPA) & David Ormes (USCG);Robin Dermigny & Debbie Scholz (START Contractors)
Status Update:Updates from the NRT / RRT Co-Chairs Meeting – items and topics of importance to RRTIIIWaters of the US – Updates based on 30 year data going out for comment in July 2019EPA/RRT III Membership Personnel ChangesMikeTowleassuming RRT3 Co-Chair Role at November 2019 RRT Meeting; Kevin Boyd will become Alternate Co-ChairMelissa Linden will be Lead Region III FOSC and Inland Area Committee Chair; Debbie Lindsey will be alternateRRTIII CoordinatorReport– Next Meeting November 19-21, 2019Discussed potential locations for 2020 meetings: Pittsburg, PA or West Virginia; Region V asked for a joint RRT meetingACTION ITEM: List of venues/locations will be generated by USCGWorkgroup activitiesare summarized on theThursday Workgroup Meeting slidesNextRRT3 Exercise (Tabletop) will be held in 2020; Notification Exercise to be held prior to the November 2019 RRT III Meeting
Status of RRT III Documents:Guidance for the Decanting of Contact Water in Inland, Ocean, and Coastal Waters –completed and postedSurface Washing Agents Preauthorization Test and Evaluation Protocol –completed and postedNHPA Section 106 Consultation Requirements -underwayRCP Appendix 6- MOU for Preauthorization for the use of Chemical Countermeasures by the FOSCRCP Appendix 6A:Dispersant Preauthorization Policy for Coastal Oil Discharges –on hold awaiting signature followingcompletion of BiologicalAssessmentRCPAppendix 6B:In-situ Burning Preauthorization Policy for Coastal Oil Discharges–on hold awaiting signature followingcompletion of BiologicalAssessmentBiological Assessment for Dispersant and ISB Preauthorization –underwayRCPAppendix 6C:Product Preauthorization Guidelines –To be addressedUse of CIAgent in Emergency Oil Spill Response Activities in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and WestVirginia
Executive Committee (continued)
ACTION ITEM:RRT3Co-Chairs to send letter to all agency and state/commonwealth members reminding them of the importance of participation and attendance at RRT3 meetingsNext Meeting Date & Location:9-21 November 2019 - Evaluating venues; possibility of Emmitsburg, MD or Martinsburg, WVAdditional information will be provided as details are finalized; check the RRT III Home Page website ( updates
WednesdayRRT III Standing Meeting
May 8, 2019
RRT III Standing MeetingCo-Chairs: Kevin Boyd (EPA) & David Ormes (USCG)
Welcome, Announcements, and Introduction of all Members participating (in person and remotely)Welcome to Delaware by A.J. Shaw, Director, Delaware Emergency Management AgencyCoordinators Report by Cindy Santiago, EPAPowerPoint Presentation of RRT3 Coordinator’s Report is provided on RRT3 Meetings 2019 Website ( under the “Documents” Tab under “05-2019 Meeting”Upcoming RRT and Area Committee Meeting dates, times, and locations (as available) were providedOUTBRIEF: 2019 NRT-RRT Co-Chairs Meeting presented by Kevin Boyd, EPA RRT III Co-Chair and David Ormes, USCG RRT III Co-Chair – nopresentation slidesprovided
Standing Meeting (continued)
PRESENTATIONS and FOSC, State/Commonwealth, and Agency Report-Outs are provided in their entirety on RRT3 Meetings 2019 Website ( under the “Documents” Tab for “05-2019 Meeting”REPORT-OUTS: 2019-05-08_RRT3_Agency-Report-outs.pdfPRESENTATION: “Dublin Express Summary” Sector New YorkPRESENTATIONS: “OUTBRIEF – 2019 PREP Exercises”July 24,2019:Sector Delaware Bay Area Committee PREP TTX (Sector Delaware Bay)presentedby LT PlankSeptember9-13,2019:Virginia Area Committee PREP Functional Exercise – Eastern Shore Virginia (Sector Hampton Roads)presentedby LCDR McKinnon and LT ArguellesPRESENTATION: “USCG Atlantic Strike Team New Equipment Capabilities”presentedby MSSR2 Michael J. Goglia, MEPPRESENTATION: “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Delaware” & Outdoor Drone Demonstrationpresentedby Dwayne Day, Homeland Security Planner, DelDOT
Standing Meeting (continued)
RRT III Website Calendar: All Meetings, Exercises, Training Opportunities, Conferences are being posted on the RRT III Website Calendar( the “Events” tabACTION:Please provide information on events appropriate for RRT III distribution [email protected]@westonsolutions.comfor incorporation into the RRT III Calendar
Closing Remarks
Great meeting!If you want to volunteer or know of a speaker for upcoming RRT Meetings, please contact RRT Coordinators:Cindy Santiago ([email protected]) orKaitlin Hess ([email protected]) orDavid Pugh (David.E. [email protected])NextRRT3 Meeting:November 19-21, 2019:Emmitsburg, MD or Martinsburg, WV (Tentative)
RRT III Resources & Links Contingency Plan (RCP)”“RRT3 Meetings 2019” URL:“RRT III Workgroup Home Page” URL (login required): to other RRT3 webpages: Area Committee – EPA Region 3 OSC Planning Dashboard:
May 9, 2019
Consultation, Natural Resources, & Damage Assessment (CNRDA) WorkgroupCo-Chairs: Frank Csulak (NOAA), Susan Lingenfelser (USFWS) and Lindy Nelson (DOI); Debbie Scholz (START Contractor)
Workgroup Focus:NRT National Environmental Compliance Subcommittee Work Products:New Consultation resources for Endangered Species Act (ESA) - Historic Section 106 Consultations Focus - underwayFinalizedand delivered ESA Matrix for both Inland (EPA) and coastal (USCG) trust resources to the RRT III Response Tools and Fact Sheets website additional factsheets are being developed for USFWS ESA species that reside in Region III – Rough Pigtoe Mussel; Northeastern Bulrush, and?Re-establishment of the NRDA Joint Assessment Team (JAT) for the Mid-Atlantic – proposed by Simeon Hahn (NOAA) at November 2018 RRT III MeetingNational Historic Section 106 Consultations – path forward
CNRDAWorkgroup (continued)
ACTIONITEMS:Presentation/adoptionand distribution of final Draft ESA Matrix for USFWS trust resources for inland and coastal zone areas of Region III -Completed; posted to RRT3 Response Tools-Fact Sheets Website of ESA Matrix Fact Sheet -Completed; coordinate with IMO Workgroup –November 2019Development of IPaC/ECOS process Fact Sheets; coordinate with IMO Workgroup –Completed;posted to RRT3 Response Tools-Fact Sheets Website of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Response Fact Sheet – from USFWS New Jersey Field Office efforts; coordinate with IMO Workgroup –on hold
CNRDAWorkgroup (continued)
ACTIONITEMS:NRDAJAT – to be led by Simeon Hahn, NOAA -OngoingIdentify federal and state agency and industry partners to join NRDA JATSend out invitation Letter to JATHost WebinarDetermine the need for Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) / Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the member agencies and organizationsConsultationof RRT III Planning Documents:Coordination with USFWS & NMFS on Biological Evaluation (BE) template for concurrence and approval going forward -OngoingBE for Dispersants to be developed by May 2019 –CompletedBE for Dispersants to be developed by November 2019 -Ongoing
CNRDA Workgroup(continued)
ON-GOING ACTION ITEMS:Development of draft Notification Letters for ESA / Critical Habitat Consultation – Informal and Formal ConsultationsCompleted; posted to RRT3 Response Tools-Fact Sheets Website NOAA NRDA Guidelines available for assessing exposure and impacts of oil spills on the following:Marine MammalsSea Turtles (ready soon)Recommendforming a new assessment team within CNRDA Workgroup to evaluate resources and tools for the RRT -OngoingMembers should include PRPs, RRT members, Industry, contractors
CNRDA Workgroup (continued)
Proposed CNRDA Workgroup Activity Timeline:
CNRDA Workgroup (continued)
Proposed CNRDA Workgroup Activity Timeline, continued:
Information Management & Outreach (IMO) WorkgroupCo-Chairs: Brian Moore (PADEP) & Maryann Toniazzo (GSA); Robin Dermigny (START Contractor)
Information Management Plan (IMP):Final“livingdocument” posted on RRT3website: to the Social Media Questionnaire;Responses provided in spreadsheet format; implement asBest Practices inAppendixto theIMPUpdated StateAgency FactSheets posted on RRT3 website: Documents Tab/Agency Fact SheetsReviewed and discussed “Priorities and Initiatives” in 2019 Work Plan for Workgroup.How to define List of Response Resources and what should be provided in a fact sheet/guidance document.
ACTIONITEMS:Co-Chairs willdiscuss applicability of action itemsin Work Plan asthey relate to RRT3 responsibilities.STARTtopost AgencyFact Sheetsto RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets Co-Chairs to continue to query NRT:If a document retention schedule is required; should there be a file plan (included in the IMO Plan) or does NRT have one?Would RRT3 workgroup products be subject to FOUO? All should be public under Freedom of Information, minus contactinformation.
IMO Workgroup (continued)
Proposed IMO Workgroup Activity Timeline:
IMO Workgroup (continued)
Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) Re-Write WorkgroupChair – Dave Ormes (USCG D5); Robin Dermigny (START Contractor)
Workgroupreviewedoutstanding/highlighted items in Finalversion of the RCP:Generated a list of follow-up items to keep track of as they are completed to make sure they are updated on website.Appendix 7-E has been completed by Spill Response Countermeasures (SRC) Workgroup.RCPis a “Living Document” that will change as RRT3 guidance documents, MOUs, and MOAs are finalized or revisedSigned version of RCP uploaded to the RRT3 Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) website link to Sector Hampton Roads ACP on RRT III Plans website profile page.
RCP Re-Write Workgroup (continued)
ACTIONITEMS:[Reserved Sections of RCP] – to be addressed includes:Appendices 7-B through 7-H are all in queue for SRC Workgroup.Appendix 7-I Surface Washing Agent Guidance has been completed; posted to RCP website.Appendix 7-L2 Natural Resources Trustees; CNRDA Workgroup is working on.Appendix 7-L6 VesselDecon Plan –USCG updating ACPs, SRC working on.Locate new links for other Sector ACPs; update links on RRT III Plans website profile page.
RCP Re-Write Workgroup (continued)
ACTION ITEMS (continued):RCP Website Maintenance:CreateDocument Archive on Website to store documents removing to clean up the site for easier use.Create one page document providing links to ERMA – USCG/EPA Boundary Maps to replace existing (outdated)boundary documents.Selection Guide – Dave Ormes to ask NRT what status is for updating the guide (last version 2001/2001).Selection Guide Worksheets 1 and 2 – remove individual documents as they are provided in Selection Guide (Appendices 8-C1 and 8-C2).
RCP Re-Write Workgroup (continued)
Spill Response Countermeasures (SRC) WorkgroupCo-Chairs - Billy Martin (EPA) & Dave Pugh (USCG); Debbie Scholz (START Contractor)
Finalized the “Region III Regional Response Team Guidance for the Decanting of Contact Water in Inland, Ocean, and Coastal Waters” -submitted to Executive Committee for signature and posting to the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets–CompletedFinalized the“Region III Surface Washing Agents Preauthorization Test and Evaluation Protocol” -submitted to Executive Committee for signature and posting to the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets–Completed
SRC Workgroup (continued)
ACTION ITEMS:The Chemical Countermeasures MOU update will be revised and will focus on Chemical Countermeasures as a whole for incorporation into the Region III RCP –Completed; awaiting Signature following successful BE processThe MOU will be signed by the RRT III Co-Chairs and state agency representativesIndividual appendices for Preauthorizations for dispersants, on water ISB, and Solidifiers will be attached to the MOU but will be independently signed by RRT III Co-Chairs and representativesIndividual appendices for chemical countermeasure guidance documents will be attached to the MOU; signatures not requiredRegion III Biological Evaluation (BE) forDispersantsPreauthorization -CompletedMay 2019;Incorporate the In-situ Burning Preauthorization components to the BE –November 2019Coordinate with the Services for informal review of BE materials -November 2019
SRC Workgroup (continued)
ACTION ITEMS:Develop Region III Outreach & Education Materials for Presentation and materials for the Delaware Education Outreach for Senior State Decision Maker’s discussion with DE Cabinet Secretary, Director of Water, Fisheries and Wildlife and Director of ParksRRT III Coordination Conference Call: May 29, 2019, 1 p.m.Date: June 4, 2019 (afternoon – Time TBD)Location: Richardson and Robbins Building, DENREC Headquarters, 89 Kings Highway Conference Center, Dover, Delaware 19901Postthe April 2019 National Academies Report “The Use of Dispersants in marine Oil Spill Response” to the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets 2019
Proposed SRC Workgroup Activity Timeline:
SRC Workgroup (continued)
Critical topics remaining in queue:Review and Expand RRT III Solidifier Preauthorization – currently only CIAgent – limited coastal counties onlyReview / Update RRT III Bioremediation GuidelinesReview / Update RRT III In-Situ Burn Guidelines for Herbaceous WetlandsDevelop Surface Washing Agency Policy for RRT IIIRRTVI Science & Technology Advisor position description – Modify to address Region III requirementsRRT VI Seafood Liaison Specialist position description – Modify to address Region III requirementsNRT Abandoned Vessel Program survey of state policies –Modify to address Region III requirements and incorporate into region and area planning documents (inland and coastal)Develop On Water Vessel Decon Policy Guidance for RRT III
SRC Workgroup (continued)





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_-Region III Regional Response Team Meeting Plymouth …