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ACNA Conducting a Meetup -

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ACNA Conducting a Meetup
Llewellyn Dawn Smith, MSN RNTreasurerMembership Chairman
ACNA Mission
To advance excellence in cannabis nursing practice through advocacy, collaboration, education, research and policy development
NortheastMid-AtlanticSoutheastNorthwestSouthwestCentral and Mid-West
Deciding to conduct an ACNA meetup
Comes with responsibilityFollow ACNA guidelines and processesWhat type of meetup – virtual or on groundWho to inviteJoin your regional FB groupUtilize your member logo
ACNA Guidelines
Avoid endorsing productsProtect ACNA logoUtilize online resources for MeetupRegister online to obtain ACNA email addressAvoid presentations "commercial" in natureShould facilitate member involvement and create agendas to meet member needs
Rules of Gathering
ACNA labelled event led by at least one local ACNA member in good standingFormal agenda developed in advanceNon-profit operation, nofeesshould be chargedMarketed through ACNA website & results reported back to ACNANo on-site cannabis consumptionUse free available spaceRecord and report documentation
Roster of attendance, date and locationAgendaMinutesPicturesPresentationsSponsorsE-mail records [email protected]
ACNA meeting toolUseyouremail address to create free account
Assess regional meetup groups under community on the main ACNA Facebook pageUse as an alternative to the forumsPost ongoing communicationsUmbrella system where meetup groups participateLimited to members only
Types of Meetups
Virtual Meetup
Conduct online using virtual meet up toolCreate a group name to use as email addressRequest ACNA create addressEstablish Zoom Account & FB pageSet a date and timeInvite members
Virtual Meetup
Prepare and distribute Agenda with Zoom invitationPrepare any presentation you may want to shareTopic on relevant cannabis nursing practiceUtilize the documentation found on ACNA meetup pageTake attendance and minutesSubmit documents to the Google drive and share with:[email protected]
On-ground Meetup
Selecting a location:Free public space vs privately owned spaceNo individual fee for admittanceAllowed: restaurant reservation with each individual having option to purchase food at his or her discretionNot allowed: charging every member in advance to attend a meeting at a restaurant with a down-payment
ACNA Announcements
Follow-up on Ambassador programNominationsAnnual Business meeting November 4thDecember 4th Webinar with Alice O’Leary Randall, Historical Perspectives





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ACNA Conducting a Meetup -