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Problem (or Opportunity) Statement

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Problem(or Opportunity) Statement
Good Problem statements should answer the following questions:Whatisoccurring?Whereis the problem?Whendid the problem start? (or when did you notice it)Extent(Gap)of the problem oropportunityVerypatient/customer focusedAddress business case, whenapplicableShowwhy a change isneededExample Problem Statement:FromJanuary to October 2015,patient experience scoreson Founders 14 for RN and MD communication were 5 points below the national average, and 7 to 8 points below the HUP average. In addition, from October to November 2015, only 57% of sampled patients on Founders 14 rated their knowledge of their Plan of Care (POC) for the day as “Very Good”. Lackof Plan of Care (POC) knowledge affects patients’ abilityto provide truly informed consent to inpatient treatment, and toprepare to assume their own care upondischarge. This can leadtodecreasedpatient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS), whichdecreaseshospital revenue and negativelyaffectsMedicare reimbursement rates.Write Version 1 of Your Problem Statement Here:





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Problem (or Opportunity) Statement