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2014 Perkins Data Presentation

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Perkins Data
How Data submissions affect performance and funding.
Column A = Institution’s total CTE concentrators.Column D = CTE Concentratorsthat are PELL/BIA Eligible.Column F = Institution’s percentage of overall total. (Thisis multiplied times the Total Perkins Funds = Allocation Amount.)
Funding Factors
Why do allocations change/fluctuate from previous years
Sequestration – BudgetCuts.Enrollment Factor – As enrollmentsacross the state increase, theperkinsdollar per student decreases, creating a higher level of competition for enrollments that count towards funding.Participation Factor– In the last two years we have added three additional institutions which directly affects the enrollment factor and the market share available for each institution.Program enhancements– Montana has now completely converted to using the Perkins IV CIP to Pathway Crosswalk, which has increased student counts system wide. Some institutions increased more than others. In counting more enrollments this affects the enrollment factor and again creates a higher competition to maintain and grow each institution’s market share.
Performance Indicators
State Negotiated Goals are established annually in the FAUPL.Our Goal is to score above the 90% Threshold Target, and steadily increase performance in each indicator area.
TSA : Technical Skills Assessment
Performance Indicator 1P1 historically has gone underreported statewide. This negatively affects all other indicators.TSA students count as completers and if not tracked or reported, lowers performance in the other indicators.Performance based funding will key in on completions.Discussion topic : Ideas for tracking TSA completions.
Certificates of Completion, Less than 1 yr Cert.Job Core, Training Programs, other…Other ideas?





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2014 Perkins Data Presentation