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Procurement and Contracting Review - University of Houston

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Procurement and Contracting Review
September 16, 2015
Procurement and Contracting Steps
Due Date on the Requisition
Procurement Methods
Spot Purchase– No competition; HUB vendors encouraged; use voucher or P-CardInformal Bid– at least 3 quotes (2 from HUBs); send requisition to PurchasingFormal Solicitation– Purchasing puts solicitation on Comptroller’s website (ESBD) for 14 to 30 days; lowest bid wins (ITB) or committee evaluates responses (RFP, RFQ)
Types of Formal Solicitations
Sole Source Purchase
Only one vendorcan provide the good/service required or for a guest lecturer/artist.Sole Source Justification form must be approved by Purchasing in advance. Examples:Annual software license for an already-installed software that is only available from one vendor (copyright or patent)Replacement parts that are only available from the manufacturer through one distributor in TexasGuest lecturer or artist (type “lecturer” or “artist” on Sole Source form)Attach Sole Source form to requisition/PO.
Emergency Purchase
A purchase of goods or services so critical that UHS willsuffersevere financialor operational damage unless they are securedimmediately.Justification letter or form must be approved by the Purchasing Director in advance that includes:Nature of emergency (hazard to life, health, safety, welfare, or property) and cause of emergencyEstimated impact (financial or otherwise) if normal procurement process is followedAttach justification letter/form to requisition/PO.
State and Cooperative Contracts
Contracts solicited by the state or by a purchasing cooperative, including:TxSmartBuy(Comptroller’s state contracts)Department of Information Resources (DIR)BuyBoard Purchasing CooperativeE&I Purchasing CooperativeUS Communities Purchasing CooperativeSend requisition to Purchasing to place order.
Payment Methods
Non-Research Agreements
Review “Contract Management Handbook” on the UHS Contract Administration website before entering into a non-researchcontract.[email protected] questions about the contracting process or consult your campus Contracts Office.
Additional Approval Required for Large Contracts and POs
See theDelegations of Authority Tableformoreinformation on approval authority: Employees are not authorizedto sign contracts on behalf of UH System foranyamount unless they have been delegated authority by the Board of Regents or as authorized by the Delegations of AuthorityTable, which authorizesfurther delegation of authority in writing to other employees not listedinthe Table.
Board Approval Required





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Procurement and Contracting Review - University of Houston