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Objective Summary - PC__MAC

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Objective Summary
Writing an Objective Summary
The ability to write objective summaries is the key to success incollegeand in manycareers. Writing an effective objective summary involvesrecordingthekey ideasof a text whiledemonstratingyourunderstanding.
What is an Objective Summary?
An effective objective summary is aconcise,complete,accurateand objective overview of a text.
What are the key characteristics of an objective summary?
A good summary focuses on themain theme, orcentral idea, of a text andspecific, relevant detailsthat support thattheme, orcentral idea. Unnecessary supporting details are left out.
Key Characteristics
An effective summary is usuallybrief. However, the writer must be careful not to misrepresent the text leaving outkey elements.
Key Characteristics
A successful summary accurately captures theessenceof the longer text it is describing.
Key Characteristics
An effective summary remainsobjective– the writer refrains from inserting his or her ownopinions,reactions,or personal connectionsinto the summary.
What to Avoid in an Objective Summary?
An objective summary is not acollectionofsentencesorparagraphscopied from the original source.
What to Avoid in an Objective Summary?
It is not a longrecountingof everyevent,detail, orpointin the original text.
What to Avoid in an Objective Summary?
A good summary does not includeevaluativewords orcomments, such as the reader’s overall opinion of or reaction to the piece. An objective summary is not the reader’sinterpretationorcritical analysisof the work.





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Objective Summary - PC__MAC