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Introduction to Computer Engineering
CS/ECE 252, Fall 2016Kai ZhaoComputer Sciences DepartmentUniversity of Wisconsin – Madison
Quote of the Day:“Management is doing the things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”-- Peter Drucker 1909-2005
Quote of the Day:“Management is doing the things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”-- Peter Drucker 1909-2005
RFID chip used for identificationUseful for medical purposesGuest WorkersVoluntary?Branding? Human rights?Ethical issueLaws prohibit requiring anybody to implant a chipEmployment may require implanted chips
Exploding Samsung Note 7
Attempted aggressive designCrammed phone internals and compressed battery, possibly shorting the battery.Researchers believe Samsung engineers knew the battery too tight, but “took deliberate step towards danger” anyway.Samsung lost $5.3 billion.
Volkswagen“Diesel Dupe”
VW cars’diesel engine had a“defeat device”Software to detect whether being testedIf so, then run on low power/performance to pass emission testElse, run on regular power and performance
Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower
Worked in Information Technology (IT) for the National Security Agency (NSA)Revealed court order that requires Verizon to release customers’phone activities to the NSAHeroRevealed US surveillance programs, some ruled unconstitutionalTraitorUnauthorized communication of national defense infoHero or Traitor?
Atlantis Launch, the Challenger Disaster
Engineers of NASA contractor noted a connection between low temperatures and O-ring problems. Due to forecasted low temperatures, they recommended not to launch.Senior managers of NASA contractor were focused on pleasing their clients, NASA. They default to“launch unless you can prove it is unsafe,”went against the engineers’objections, and voted to recommend the launch.The space shuttle disintegrated 73 secondsafter launch, killing all 7 crew members.
Releasing Untested Software
Boss pressuring you to release softwareEvery day delay is $1 million in salesIs it okay to release software not fully tested?What if it’s a medical device?A number of patients receiveup to 100x the intended doseof radiation therapy in1985-1987. 3 died as a directresults and 21 died thefollowing years
Writing backdoor in Operating System
Fake News Stories
Filtering and sharing stories based on personal bias.





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Assembly Language -