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National Mobile Shower Facilities Contract

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National Mobile Shower Facilities Contract
Contract changes for 2014 - 2018
Major Changes in the Shower Contract for 2014 - 2018
These are just some of the major changes in the shower contract, please read the entire shower contract to see all of the changes.
Map and Unit Summary Changes
Map of Designated Dispatch Points, we used to have 34 locations, now we have29locations for large units, large units are 12 stalls and above, and7locations for small units, small units are 4 stalls up to 11 stalls. One small shower unit location was dropped.
C.1(c) Government Furnished Services
C.1.(c) (5) Fuel Tender, added some clarification to the clause. The Government may allow the Contractor to use a Government fuel tender when available.The Contractor shall pay directly via credit card for any costs of these supplies. At times it may be necessary for the Contractor to deduct the cost of petroleum products from payments due on Form 1276-D Daily Shower Order/Invoice-Mobile Shower Facilities Continuation Sheet when no credit card services are available.
C.1 (e) Contractor Responsibilities
C.1 (e) (2) Added some language: No payment will be made for travel to an incident for equipment that does not pass inspection and cannot be made compliantwithin 24 hours.
C.1 (e) Contractor Responsibilities
C.1 (e) (13) Added:The Contractor shall perform one microbiological test for total coliform bacteria upon arrival at the incident.C.1 (e) (14) Added:The Contractor shall not bring pets to the incident.
C.2Ordering, Relocating, Reducing, Releasing, Reassigning and Canceling Procedures
C.2 (e) (2) Added some language.At any time, the incident may determine to release and/or order a large or small MSFU that best meets the needs of the incident.
C.3 Minimum Equipment Requirements
Shower Units C.3 (a)C.3 (a) (9)Added somelanguage:Showers and wash basins shall be equipped with water pumps that have a food grade pump housing and can be used for Domestic or Potable Water use.
C.3 Minimum Equipment Requirements
C.3 (a) (18)Added somelanguage: Have a minimum enclosed storage capacity of 1,500 gallons of potable water for both large and small capacity units.The entire inside of the tank shall be visible for an ocular inspection. This must be separate storage from the potable water vehicle and shall be equipped with a minimum of twelve (12) outside spigots/valves for filling canteens,cubitainersand water bottles. The use of bladder bag is prohibited.
C.3 Minimum Equipment Requirements
C.3 (a) (19)Added somelanguage: Provide garbage cans andbio-based/bio-preferredliners.C.3 (a) (20) The outsideorinsidewaiting area shall have a minimum seating capacity of one chair per showerhead…………….
C.3 Minimum Equipment Requirements
Wash Basins C.3 (b) (sinks)C.3 (b) (1) Wash Basins: Added language:Wash basins may be located outside or inside of any enclosed trailers. Unobstructed egress in or out of any enclosed trailer shall be maintained at all times.
C.3 Minimum Equipment Requirements
Wash BasinsC.3 (b) (sinks)C.3 (b) (1)Placement of electrical receptacles shall be located in areas that are convenient for all users. Placement of operational washbasins inside a shower unit or individual shower stalls is prohibited.
C.3 Minimum Equipment Requirements
Dressing Area C.3 (c)C.3 (c) (1) Added language:Adequate space shall be provided for a reasonable sized person to comfortably use the specified dressing area when the seat is being used.
C.3 Minimum Equipment Requirements
C.3 (d)Potable Water VehicleC.3 (d) (4) Added language: Be equipped with aminimum of four (4) outside spigots/valves for filling canteens,cubitainersand water bottles.
C.3 Minimum Equipment Requirements
C.3 (e) Sanitation RequirementsC.3 (e) (5)Include the annual inspection certificate for the double check valve that documents it has been inspected and is fully operational.
C.4 Performance Requirement Summary:
Performance Requirement SummaryC.1 (e) (12) added to Performance Standard,Perform chlorine residual tests as required.C.3 (a) (18) added to Performance Standard,The use of bladder bags is prohibited, Standard must be met at all times.
D.1 Equipment Marking
D.1 (b) only talks about gray water bladder bags now.
E.4 Inspections During Use
E.4 (a) and E.4 (c) AddedLSCfor clarification on who can do inspections.
F.2 Period of Performance
F.2 The period of performance of this contract is fromJanuary 1, 2014 through December 31 of 2014 with (4) 1 year option periods.
G.1 Mobile Shower Facility-Mileage
G.1 (a) Added: Formileagepayment purposes…..G.1 (b) Added:Onlyactual mileage…………G.1 (c) Added: Actual mileagefor the Potable Water Vehicleto provide…………….
G.3 Intermittent Use of Contractors Potable Water Vehicle
G.3: The language stayed the same, Intermittent use involves the use of the MSFU potable water truck in the support of camp operations away from the shower unit, such as supporting a Mobile Food Service Unit. It does not include use such as filling up canteens or other containers at the incident. Our interpretation is if a driverdrivesto supply to fill upcubies, then we pay intermittent use.
J.1 NWCG Potable Water Standards
Pumps:The contractor shall have available at all times the manufactures product data sheet that demonstrates the materials in the pump housing are made of food grade materials or states the pump is suitable for domestic or potable water use.Tank shall arrive empty for inspectionunless requested otherwise by the incident.
J.1A Supplemental Potable Water Standards For Other Than Potable Water Tanks in Which NWCG Standards J.1 Apply.
J.1A (a) Equipment requirements: When the Contractor elects to use potable water storage equipmentwhich inhibits a full ocular inspection the Contractor may be required to perform additional microbiological testing at Contractors expense.Samplesfor testing shall be obtained from the point of delivery such as, Sinks, Wash Basins, orShowerheads.
J.5 Interagency Mobile Shower Facilities Performance Evaluation (1276-F)
There are minor changes on both pages.Ratings: Summarize Contractor performance and circle in the column on the right he number that corresponds to the performance rating for each rating category. The rating official must provide comments supporting each numerical rating assigned.
Contractor Performance Evaluation Guidelines
J.5 are the Guidelines that we will use to give the ratings.
J.7 Mobile Food & Shower Service Request Form
This form a changed a bit. Majority of the time, dispatchers fill out this form.
J.8 Performance Inspection Form
Use with C.4C.3 (a) (18)The use of bladder bags is prohibited.
Has definitions of many of the terms used in the contract.





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National Mobile Shower Facilities Contract