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What have we learned about MIS and dashboards and the people using them?Rolling out an organisation-wide MIS atWaterAidPetri AutioSystems Advisor – Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, WaterAidMERL Tech:20th February 2017
WaterAidUK has gone from having no MIS at all to a shared, online system covering all country programmes and regionsWaterAidhas remade and harmonised the entirety of its planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting processes (PMER)Whatchoices did we make in selecting, configuring and deploying thesystem, and why?
Our key drivers and decisions
Bespoke /SaaS
Online /Offline
Harmony/ Flexibility
Have ashared version of the truthProject and programme managers in the driver’s seat
Simple / Comprehensive
Organisational MIS timeline
+ 9 monthsPilot running
Apr2017 ->
+ 3 monthsFrom choosing the system to pilot going live
+ 6 monthsTrainer of trainers model
Failed GPMIS project
Can be stop-and-start but that’s ok. What is the right scope?With an off-the-shelf solution it’s possible to launch a pilot rapidlyLearning from pilot phase proved crucial in simplifying and streamlining the systemPutting process first and system second was very beneficial. Also allows us to give carrots!
Jun 2014Decision to go with specificSaaSsystem
Many reasons:Organisational hesitancy for large-scale projectsFailed regional MISOverambitious plan?
Setting up a dedicated teamMinimum requirements created from the bottom-up
System reconfigured to match new requirements including learning from pilot> 170 data fields simplified away
+ 16 months
Making sure minimum requirements are adhered to
Organisational MIS overview
Plans andupdates
Plans andupdates
IndicatorsFree to create your own
Plans andupdates
Filtering key information to management
Budgets brought over from integrated finance systems
Separate system for tracking detailed monitoring data
A basic structure to build upon
+ Technology comes second, needs to align with processes+ Configuring an off-the-shelf solution is a viable route, can lead to a rapid pilot+ Don’t cram everything into the MIS when you do have one+ Not just business as usual but this time with a system on top – what can you let go of to make a new system alluring to users?





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