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Early College Program - Bullock Creek High School

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Early College Program
atBullock Creek High School
Bullock creek early college program
Our Early College Program blends high school and college in a rigorous yet supportive program, offering students an opportunity to complete a high school diploma and up to the first two years of college in five years.Students begin the program during their junior year and must apply second semester of their sophomore year.Program has been approved by Michigan Department of Education. This is a state program, so BC has to follow the guidelines and procedures that they mandate.
Bullock Creek early college program
CORE PHILOSOPHY OF EARLY COLLEGE PROGRAMS:Providing support to students who may not attend college or may need additional support to be successful in collegeEmphasis on helping student to complete a college degreeBCECP has benefits for any student
Dual enrollment
Typically students wait to dual enroll until 11thgradeCurrent tuition covered at $609/course. If there is remaining tuition it is the student/parent responsibilityStudents may not enroll in more than 10 courses throughout HS and no more than 6 during either 11thor 12thgradesTransportation/books are the responsibility of the studentGrades are reported on high school transcript and factored into cumulative GPA
Bullock creek early college program – Core Components
Formal partnership with Delta College – all courses will be taken at DeltaStudents enrolled in BCECP are committed to a 5thyear of high school and defer their diploma until 2019Students earn college credits through dual enrollment, with course grades placed on their BC transcript and factored into their GPAStudents must complete 5thyearrequirements (math class)in order to receive adiploma.Fora dual enrolled class to count as a “senior math”, the college or university must count it as a math class or if it fulfills a math requirement.
Earning a diplomathrough BCECP
BCECP students need to complete BC graduation requirement to meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum andComplete one of the following:60 transferable college creditsAssociate degreeE/MC Technical Certificate (15 credits +)
E/MC Technical Certificate
COMPLETION OF THE FOLLOWING:Bullock Creek Graduation RequirementsMinimum 15 college credit hoursAND (one of the following options):100 hours of verified community serviceMinimum 40 hours of verified career exploration, internship, job shadowing or clinical experienceOr a combination of the two that equals 70+ hours
Qualifying for BCECP
Students identified at end of sophomore yearStudent Applicationwith References completedDetermined “College Ready”Academic skills/prior school successStandardized Test ScoresCompass – Placement TestSocial maturity
Sophomore students complete the BCECP Application by Friday, February 19 and submit to the Counseling CenterTwo recommendation forms are included in the application and must be completed and returned in the sealed envelope by the due date
Student’s academic history in 9thand 10thgrades (minimum 2.0 GPA) will be reviewed, including transcripts and standardized test scores (such as ACT Explore, MEAP, PSAT).Student’s discipline and attendance/tardy records will be reviewed to assess social maturity.
Letters of recommendations will be reviewed.Following the application screening, potential candidates will be contacted to schedule a personal student interview.All selected students are required to take the Compass Assessment at Delta College to determine placement in courses.
College ready?
Is student academically ready to handle college courses?Selection Process will review grades and standardized test scoresCompass Assessment taken at Delta College determines placement in college coursesBased on Compass scores, student may need to take remedial courses, which will not count towards a degree
College ready?
Is student socially mature enough to handle the responsibilities associated with a college atmosphere?Completing work in classAttendance, tardies, disciplineRecommendation letters
Example of Student Schedule
All courses and grades (high school and college) are placed on BC transcript and factor into a student’s GPA.BC assists in selecting the Delta courses.Students participate in the graduation ceremony if they have completed BC graduation requirements (excluding 5thyear math).BCECP students are also eligible for academic honors after their 4thyear, but not during their 5thyear.
All 5thyear courses at Delta CollegeStudents not eligible to apply for college scholarships until their 5thyearStudents follow both the BC School District calendar and the Delta College calendarSpring Break/Winter BreakSnow DayProfessional Development Day
Sports – Students are eligible to participate in high school athletics for 4 years. The 5thyear students are not eligible for high school or college athletics.Sports – Students ability to participate in high school sports will be dependent upon college course schedule, allowing students to meet practice and game requirements.National Honor Society – Students with at least a 3.5 GPA after 1stsemester of junior year are invited to apply.
Can A Student Leave the Program?
This is a state program, so BC has to follow the guidelines and procedures that they mandate.Once a student enrolls in BCECP, the student is expected to complete all BCECP requirements, including 5thyear at Delta and 5thyear math and at least the E/MC Technical Certificate.A student who fails classes or drops out of the program due to academic performance in their 5thyearwillbe considered a drop out andwillnot receive their diploma.If a student fails a dual enrolled course, he/she must reimburse the district for any costs incurred.
Next steps…
February 9 – Parent Meeting Night (check this date off your listJ)February 19 – Applications and all required forms submitted to the Counseling CenterMarch – Interviews for candidatesMarch - Form 2nd11thgrade BCECP CohortApril – Scheduling students for Delta classes2016-17 school year 2ndBCECP Cohort beginsAugust27





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Early College Program - Bullock Creek High School