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IMGD 4000 - WPI

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Game Project
IMGD 4000Due Dates:Form TeamsMarch 18TreatmentMarch 22WebsiteMarch 29Tech milestoneApril 7AlphaApril 14BetaApril 29FinalMay 3PresentationMay 5
Build a game!Using UE4In a team ofartists+programmersOf your own choosing, but with constraintsSpecifictechrequiredSpecificartelementsMilestones provided (as per previous slide)(Details next)
Form Teams (1 of 2)
First Wednesday! 2-2:50pm, FL222AllIMGD 4500andIMGD 4000mustattend!You should pair up with 1 other tech beforeYou will then pair up with 2 other artistsTeam of4Note, artists will be supporting 2 teams!There is a 2-1 ratio of IMGD 4000 to IMGD 4500But usingsameart assets for both teams
Form Teams (2 of 2)
Fill out:Whatis your favorite game(s) to play?In your view, what game hasmostimpressive art and/or tech?What game development role(s) are you most interested inthisterm?What are your strongest game development skills?What genre(s) of game are you most interested inthisterm?What roles do you usually play in teams you are part of?(visionary/detail person/community builder/get-stuff-done-er/other)When you have an assignment due, are you more likely to get it done a week early, stay up all night before it is due, or something else?How important is this class to you and how does it fit in with your other commitments this term?Use to help makecompatibleteam (don’t worry about ideal team)Staff will be on hand to help facilitate matchmakingOutcometeam members + email, team name toFarbrookand Claypool
Design Constraints (1 of 3)
Game design is constrainedIn our case, for educational reasonsIn many cases, financial, legal, or marketSetting, narrative, character personality, game mechanics arenotconstrainedDesigned byArtandTechNot necessarily role of any one person
Design Constraints (2 of 3)
The gamemusthave…1+ fully-animatedbiped or quadrupedcharacter.Playeravatar orNPCOne central “hero” object1stor 3rdpersonMust be 3rdif animated character is heroOne levelIndoororoutdoor
3+ non-character objects1+ moving (e.g., bird flapping, vehicle spinning wheels)All tech features:PhysicsForce-based steeringSimple pathfindingState-based AI5+ sounds2 ambient, 3 triggered
Design Constraints (3 of 3)
IMGD 4500 Artists produce:2 rigged and animated characters (1 per student)2 static models (1 per student)2 static models with simple animations (1 per student)
1 environment, either interior or terrain1“hero”object (large, detailed static model that students work on together)4-8 sound files, at least 2triggerableandrest environmentalExtra assets possible, but must be attributed!
Design Constraints – Tech Options
“A” grade on techExcellent Soft Eng (modularity, documentation, testing)Each tech implements one (so, solo):anadvancedpathfindingfeaturean advanced camera control featurea non-trivialshaderflockingprocedural content generationtwo-player networking - reuse character model for both players in first-person mode(can count for both)another significant technical element requiring a comparable amount of programming (with prior approval of instructor)
Treatment Document (1 of 2)
Short document providing information on gameGameTitleProject Folder NameGroup Leader(+email)IMGD 4000team (+ emails)IMGD 4500team (+ emails)ElevatorPitch – max 2-3 sentences, e.g., "A first-person shooter using rotten vegetables that takes place in the supermarket produce section. You win the game by hitting your opponent with a complete salad."
Whereand when doesgametake place?Who/what areprotagonistand adversary (which one isplayer)?Explainprimaryobjective ofplayerand howwinsExplain the general game narrative (if any) in 1-2 paragraphsWhat isbasicgame mechanic?Is the game first or third person?Briefly describe each gameasset
Treatment Document (2 of 2)
Briefly describetech in gamePhysicsForce-basedSteeringSimplePathfindingState-basedAIOptionaltechnical element(s), if any?Include all sketches, images, and conceptart
Due Sunday!Email PDF to Claypool andFarbrookNote,nota "contract", butchanceforteamto think through most aspects ofgamebeforestarting!
Source Control
As forQuickstartFusionForgeGitor SVNDirectory for assets (on right)Other folders for tech, as appropriateHelp Artists, as needed
For development of gameInclude information on rightHosting up to you (e.g., WPI)Consider links from past offeringsD12B12
Team(e.g., members, roles, contact information)Documents(e.g.,game treatment)Artistic content(e.g., Concept Art, Model Renders)Releases(Tech, Alpha, Beta)Promotional materials(e.g., Trailer)Finalgame!
Professional, outward representation ofgamedevelopmenteffort
Technical Milestone
Short(~5 minute) demo in classVisitingWebsiteClickingon linkMake sure to test ahead of time!As in “real world”, get only one shot at interview/fundingREADMEDescribes technical componentsAttribute authors, if not equal
Demonstrate implementation of:Basic physics (Rigid Body, Collider and Mesh Collider)Two force-based steering behaviorsBasicA* pathfinding (see IMGD 3000 lectures)Hierarchical statemachines
Alpha Release
Allrequired featuresimplementedMay not be working entirely correctlyGame code tested to eliminate critical gameplay flawsMinor glitches/bugs presentCompile cleanly, runnableMay have separate levels for separate parts (e.g., some illustrating weapons, other bad guys)Not yet balanced, nor levels designedPlaceholder assetsok(e.g., simple cube)
Beta Release
Playable by users outside teamNo new features or major code changesFocus on fixing bugs that affect playersMake it more playable/funCompilecleanly and berunnableSeparatefeatures ofgame demonstrableNear-final versions of art-assetsFairlybalanced, suitable for players of various skill levels, with only tweaks needed to makegamemorefair/fun
Final Release
Your final release is like Beta, butWithmore bugs fixedWithmore balancePolish, polish, polishDon’t forget opening/splashDon’t forget credits
Present final game in classIntroIntroduce teamHigh concept of gameSummary of major features core ideasMost time spent demonstrating game! (show, don’t tell)Highlighting technical aspects needed as show themBoth team members should talkArrange in advance who says whatBring laptop/ test on podium computer ahead of time!Embarrassing things can happen when you don't try out!Total time5 minutesPlan accordinglyPractice!Many timescontent, timing and transitions down
Consider design constraintsCheck outUE4 resourcesthat we havecollectedIf you find other really good ones, let us know!Design software classesUse iterative developmentShould always have build that compiles, playsConcentrate oncore, thenrequired, thendesired(if time)
Rubric available online





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IMGD 4000 - WPI