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Bullying - Suffolk City Public Schools

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Time to take it personal
What is Bullying?
Verbal acts (Name calling, teasing, shaming)Graphic and written statements ( Includes Cyber-bullyingPhysical bullyingEmotional bullyingDestruction of propertyUnauthorized release of confidential information.
Landmark School Bully Case
Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education (U.S. 1999)
Bullying and Students with Disabilities
Students with disabilities are much more likely to be subjects of bullying or harassment.
K.M.v. Hyde Park Central School District
Anonymous Tip Line757-538-5483
Avoiding Liability at the District Level
Maintain anti-bullying policies and programs in your school district.Train staff to spot and stop bullyingTake ALL reports of bullying /harassment seriously.Meet with parents and students to hear complaints of bullying/ harassment.Punish the perpetrators. (Not the Victim)
School districtsare liable ONLY for acts of bullying/harassment when they are aware of this activity and fail to act reasonably.
Jacobs, Melinda. "LRP'sNational Institute on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities." 8 May 2012.LRP.17 May 2012 <>.Suffolk Public Schools.Dec.2011. 17 May 2012 <>.





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Bullying - Suffolk City Public Schools