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Employee Satisfaction Survey Findings
APT & Classified Council
Assessing employee satisfaction
Survey objectives and conception:Solicit employee feedback to generate agendasUse data to inform the governance processApprovals:Office of Research & Graduate Studies (exempt from IRB)Executive leadership at UAAAdministration
Criteria:BriefQualitative and quantitative componentsAssess satisfaction and ascertain priorities13 items rated on a 1-5LickertScaleEmployees select top 3 priorities from the same listFree responses
Participation & response rate
July & August, 2012 administrationInvitation to participate sent out via dynamic listserv to all classified and exempt employeesApproximately 1300353 responses27% response rate
Quantitative analysis:Metrics of central tendencyT-test analysesQualitative analysis:Categorical identificationInform and give meaning to the quantitative findings
Satisfaction – All Staff
Satisfaction by employee class
Priorities - All Staff
Priorities by employee class
Comparisons for priority-setting
Satisfaction rating(low to high)
HealthcareParkingGovernance & I. Decision-MakingCompensationCommunicationProfessional DevelopmentFacilitiesWorkplace CultureDiversityRetirementLeave BenefitsSafetyTuition Waiver
Priority ranking(high to low)
HealthcareCompensationWorkplace CultureCommunicationGovernance & I. Decision-MakingProfessional DevelopmentRetirementLeave BenefitsTuition WaiverSafetyParkingDiversityFacilities
Insights from free responses
HealthcareSatisfied with plan, dissatisfied with costCost increases disproportionate to salary adjustmentsOngoing support for wellness programsCompensationRequest for merit and step increasesClear process to audit jobs to ensure appropriate grade assignmentsProfessional developmentMentoringIncreased opportunitiesInter-departmental communication and exchanges
More insights from free responses
CommunicationBetter communication between MAUs and community campusesTransparency from administration andgovernanceDirect communication from administration rather than “trickling down” through Deans & DirectorsOngoing opportunities to participate in surveysLeave benefitsRequest to combine annual and sick leaveAdditional cash-in optionsParkingCostSpace
Additional themes
Unbiased /external grievance processSupervisor evaluationsChanges to leave accrual and cash-out optionsWorkload & staffing
Next steps…
Agenda development & planningOngoing communicationWith staffWith administrationBetween campuses & departmentsContinued assessment





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