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30 Days_ Being Muslim in America Questions_

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30 Days: Being Muslim in America Questions:
If you had the opportunity that Dave had to live as a Muslim for 30 days, would you? Why or why not?If you could choose to live for 30 days in a different culture or in a lifestyle that was foreign to you, what would it be? Why?a)If you are not Muslim: what do you think would be the hardest part about livinga month under Islamic laws and customs?b)Ifyou areMuslim: howdoes your life and daily practices align with that of theHaque’s?Identify each of the Five Pillarsof Islam. Which of these five pillars would be the greatest obstacle for you? Explain.Explain the connection between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.At the start of the show Dave said when he thought of Islam he “pictured women with their faces covered and men carrying AK-47’s.” Do you believe Dave’s opinion of Islam has changed after his experience? Give evidence to support your answer.When Dave walked through the airport in Charleston, WV dressed as a Muslim he was subjected to racial profiling. Have you ever had a personal experience similar to what Dave went through? If so, explain your answer. If not, elaborate on why that is and analyze how your race, gender,sexuality,religion, or ethnicity have given you privileges that others are not granted.





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30 Days_ Being Muslim in America Questions_