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The new Chinese a35 allegro catalogue -

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The new Chinese a35allegrocatalogue
Joshua Seufert
The old DOSallegro
Eten倚天BIG 5 EncodingLowerASCIIcodevalues
DOSWIN 95WIN XPwithsomemodifications
The old DOSallegro
Never touch a running system ?
University WINDOWS 7 upgrade until April 2014
Problems to consider
Technical problems
Analytic records not reproducible in MARC 21Direct change to MARC 21 difficult
Institutional problems
Needs of the academic communityConversion of other Allegro catalogues at the same timeOngoing SERICA projectUncatalogued Chinese material in the Chinese Studies Library
New a35allegrocatalogue
InternallyUnicode compatibleTime proof system (runs on Linux)ExternallyPlatformindependent system (any modern browser)Browseableindexes





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The new Chinese a35 allegro catalogue -