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New Testament ReferencesMatthew 18:162Corinthians 13:11 Timothy 5:19Hebrews 10:28A FundamentalPrinciple found in Deut 19:15Originalreaders (NT) groundedin Law of Moses
Two or Three Witnesses
One witness shallnot rise againstWitness = spectatorNot Witness:John 5:31, 8:13What If one rises? = sinCovers “any iniquityor any sin”Deut. 17:6he shall not…ofone witness.Num.35:30 one witnessnotsufficient
Deut 19:15
Punishment notcarried outlessthan 3persons1 Timothy 5:19 Reject AccusationWitnessesmust beexaminedDeut 19:16-18.False PunishedMark 14:56testimony must agreeCrime must be “established”
“Crime and Punishment”
Accusationrequires the hearer(s) to find witnessesAccusation = established truthProverbs 18:8 The words of a talebearer…Proverbs18:17 The first one to plead…Thenature ofsindetermines the actionsrequired – “Wegottado something”
Pitfalls - Misconceptions
Matt 18: 15-17Basic Outline/Lawtell him his fault between you and himalone…Acts 18:24-27 Approved Exampletheytook himaside….The offendermustbegiven the opportunity to makecorrection(s) withas little embarrassment as possible.
Proper Application
"Moreoverif your brother sins against you,go and tellhim his fault between you and him alone.If first“telling” isto anyoneother thanoffendingbrother= SinNo doubt about this sinMust deal with it. Deut 19:18-19Two offenses now exist
Matt 18:15
1 Cor 6:4-7Take wrongProverbs 17:9CoverJames 5:20Personal turning1 Peter 4:8Fervent Love
Matt18:15 Options
Matt 18:16…takewith youTellone or two more….If second“Telling”- not offenderandwitnesses = sinThe primary purpose – “establish”The order: before telling church
Matt 18:16
Proverbs18:8potential TalebearerProverbs18:13, 17 Jump to a conclusionProverbs17:9 “…But he who repeats a matter separates friends.Those told are placed in harm’s way
Satan’s Snares – The Hearer
Toohard for you tojudgeDegreesof guilt forbloodshedOnejudgment oranotherOnepunishment oranotherMattersof controversy within yourgatesGo up to the place whichthe LORD your Godchooses
Difficulties:Deuteronomy 17:8
Notshow partialityHearthe smalland the greatNotbeafraid…man'sForthe judgment isGod'sBring to me the hard casesConsideronly“established” matters
Deut. 1:17 Requirements You shall….
The right of the accused is to be convicted at the mouth of two or three “witnesses”.It is the right of the offender to resolve a matter with a minimum of embarrassmentRecognize Satan’s SnaresRecognize the DifficultiesFollow the RequirementsThe Word of the LordProverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.
Two or Three Witnesses





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