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Tyne & Wear BranchAGM May 2019
Minutes of AGM / Fresh Thinking June 2018
No minutes taken from last years AGM held 17thMay 2018 due to event held at Discovery Centre and no committee meeting held after.FreshThinking held16thJune 2018 whereby AGM was discussed and a proposed plan of events were scheduled for the 2018 – 2019 season. Further details of Fresh Thinking after the Treasurers report for the Branch.
Tyne & Wear Branch
Treasurer’s Report
Tyne & Wear Branch Accounts2018-19
Challenges for 2018-19:Significantly decreased grant payment from HQBranch Committee Response:All branch meetings held at Nissan Sports and Leisure ComplexAGM programmed as half day event, rather than full dayCPD venues sourced at zero costContinued to engage high quality speakers throughout the programme
Gross Income: £5,244.15Gross Expenditure: £10,007.70Opening Bank [email protected] 01 Apr 2018: £4,773.45Less Deficit for Year: £-4,763.55Closing Bank [email protected] 31 Mar 2019: £9.90
Tyne & Wear Branch Accounts2018-19
Expenditure: 2018/19 2017/18Branch meetings & catering: £9,211.26 £9,139.38Exec Meetings £299.95 £1710.10Speakers Fees: £443.83 £117.92CPD Support £0.00 £480.00Admin, Equipment,Other: £52.66 £554.15
Tyne & Wear Branch Accounts2018-19
Chairman’s Report
Challenges over 2018-19:As our treasurerhas already mentioned due to budget cuts the branch has had a difficult year meeting the budget cuts with still providing a quality of events for the membership and the committee have worked hard delivering a programme of events suitable for the membership so that you all felt you were getting a level of service that your membership payment deserves and I hope we have achieved this.All branch meetings have been held at Nissan Sports and Leisure Complex insteadof other venues and we have tried to maintain the high quality of standards that you expect with a varied wide range of topics covered.
Chairman’s Report
Fresh Thinking:As mentioned earlier we held our Fresh Thinking morning on Saturday the 16thJune 2018 whereby the committee members discussed a number of topics to be covered taking into account your invaluable feedback and comments which you kindly leave us from events which we scrutinise after the branch meetings and on the day to create a programme of events for the coming year. And, we hope you have enjoyed the topics that have been covered.It is our intention once again to meet on 22ndJune 2019 to discuss our programme of events to be covered over 2019/20.Personally I would like to thank the committee for their commitment and hard work over the past year making our branch one of the best in the countryin my opinion.
Election of Members to the Branch Committee for 2019 / 2020Angela CarneyGill CogdonJoe ElliottJeff FowlerSharon KinleysidePhilip KnowlesTrevor MillerStephen RaceNick RedpathAllyson SavageJames ThompsonIn addition to the above I am please to announce three new Executive Committee Members:Caroline Brown, Sarah Pickup and Lynne Walker
Election of Principal Branch Officers for 2019 / 2020Gary Dowell – ChairAndy Robertson – Vice ChairAllyson Savage / Lynne Walker – SecretaryRoleJen Maddison - TreasurerIn addition to the above Joe Elliotwill be representing the Branch as the Educational Development Advisor and Mentor (EDA) for IPD/CPD.
Notification and ThanksAs branch Chair I would like to make you all aware that we have unfortunately had three long standing Executive Committee members this year leave the committee for either personal or work reasons these being:Tony BoughSamantha DayCarl HagemanOn behalf of the Committeewe wish them well and a great big thankyou for their commitment and professionalism and being part of the team and we will miss them! However I am sure we will still be seeing them again at some point as they still need to keep their CPD up to date!Now – Any other Business?





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