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Macbeth -

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Act 2 scene Summaries
2:1 – Macbeth’s Castle at Inverness
Characters:Banquo, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Porter,Macduff, Lennox, Malcolm,DonalbainAction:Banquogives Macbeth a diamond ring for Lady Macbeth from Duncan; they talk aboutBanquo’snightmares about the witches. Macbeth sees a vision of a bloody dagger leading him to kill Duncan.Staging:bloody dagger ―floating as Macbeth’s visionProblem or Solution:Problem—Macbeth is going to kill Duncan, and he feels he is being led by outside forces to do it.
2:2 – Macbeth’s Castle
Characters:Lady Macbeth and MacbethAction:Lady Macbeth drugged the men, then Lady and Macbeth meet. Macbeth is disturbed by what he did, and he forgot to plant the daggers. Lady Macbeth grabs them and plants them herself.Staging:Macbeth must have bloodied hands, holding daggers. Lady must grab the daggers, then upon re-entering, have bloody hands herself.Problem or Solution:Solution—Lady Macbeth has successfully planted the daggers, and all is going according to plan. Now they wait.
2:3 - Macbeth’s Castle
Characters:Porter,Macduff, Lennox, Malcolm,Donalbain, Macbeth, Lady MacbethAction:There is a knocking at the door, and the Porter answers.Macduffand Lennox have arrived to wake the king.Macdufffinds the king dead. Macbeth and Lady act like they don’t know what is going on. Malcolm andDonalbainarrive, and fear that they are next. Malcolm decides to flee to England, whileDonalbaindecides to go to Ireland.Staging:The Porter needs to have a door to letMacduffand Lennox in.Problem or Solution:both—this scene can be considered a solution, since to Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, their ―problem‖ of Duncan and becoming King has been solved. However, it creates more problems, as questions arise of who did it, and why.
2:4 – Outside Macbeth’s Castle
Characters:Ross, old ManAction:Ross and the old Man discuss how unnatural things have been happening—dark during the day, horses eating each otherStaging: outside the castleProblem or Solution:Problem—things are not good, and the universe and nature are reflecting that





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Macbeth -