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Making Animals - GEOGRAPHY FOR 2018 & BEYOND

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Earthquake Proof Buildings
Objective.– To design a earthquake proof building forSan Francisco or Tokyothat considers the key ideas of design, construction and geology
How is this building ‘earthquake proof’?
Counter-weighting: Large weights are placed on top of the building to help counter the effects of sway when the ground shakes.Steel K-bracing: Steel bracing has been used at the base of the building to help hold the walls together. When the ground shakes the walls are more likely to stay held together by the steel braces, which are light-weight and fairly flexible. The steel bends with the seismic waves and so is less likely to break apart.Geology: The building is built on a hard rock, through which seismic waves travel slowly, reducing the shaking to a minimum.
Design, Construction and Geology
Today’s Task
Design a earthquake proof buildingYour building should take into consideration design, construction and geologyPick between5-10 characteristicsfrom the next pageDrawyour building at the centre of your page.Labelyour building todescribethe characteristics you’ve chosen andexplainwhy you’ve included them.
Pick between5-10 characteristicsfrom the list below
Peer Assessment
One positive comment – what did they do really well?One improvement – what could they do better?Write your comments on the back of the page.





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Making Animals - GEOGRAPHY FOR 2018 & BEYOND