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2015/7/3 10:20:43

Much more than just a presentation tool

Albert Smith

If you know powerpoint, you know how boring most of the presentations are. Since I know Focusky, I change the way I think about presentation and find a new way to share my ideas. I can see my audiences “Wow” when I used it for training.

2015/6/29 22:50:40


Roger Dulaney

I created a new presentation last week and I really liked it.

2015/6/28 21:56:48

Truly interactive

James Griffin

Focuksy makes it easy to create a truly interactive presentation. Now I am free to add videos, audio, links and Flash on my presentation.

2015/6/25 23:46:54


Evelyn Schwab

A very useful presentation tool for conferences and meetings! Highly recommend!

2015/6/22 20:38:54

Simple but powerful

Howard Williams

I was looking for an elegant solution to create an animated video as a gift for my girlfriend’s birthday until I found Focusky. It is definitely an awesome animated video maker. Though I haven’t any experience of making videos, the learning curve is so little - I could fully understand how to use it within half of an hour and got a satisfying result. By the way my girlfriend loved my video very much and said this was the best gift she had got ever.

2015/6/19 18:27:54

A secret weapon

Ida Baker

Focusky is our secret weapon of the success of our trainings. Highly recommend!

2015/6/16 15:23:23

No more slide-after-slide presentations

Justin Collie

Haha! No more traditional slides and bullet point presentations. With Focusky, I am free to put my slides randomly in a big canvas.

2015/6/15 14:24:34

No hassle and no fuss

Joshua Hernandes

No charge, no developers, no hassle and no fuss.

2015/6/13 13:45:26

A new way to present

John H. Freeman

Unlike PowerPoint, Focusky present my ideas in a new and stylish way, giving me the ability to attract my colleagues and superiors.

2015/6/11 9:14:22

Visual storytelling

Kenneth Young

I know what visual storytelling looks like until I use this presentation software.

2015/6/9 10:53:52

A change from using PPT

Adan Platt

Focusky is a new presentation creator and it looks pretty cool. It will be a change from using PPT to improve my presentations.

2015/6/8 23:54:32


Angelina Boyce

Focusky makes my presentation stand out in my class. My classmates enjoy it and easily remember the content. Thanks a lot!

2015/6/7 20:18:49

Good explainer

David Cawker

I am a big fan of Focusky! Having used it for many years, it is indeed a good explainer – I used it to explain the features of my new product and how does it work. I love it!

2015/6/8 23:54:32

Free of charge

David Sanders

Totally free, simple-to-use and fun-filled to create presentations and animated videos presentation

2015/6/5 15:58:36


Mark A. Sanders

Easy and fun to create an animated video. Thank you!

2015/5/30 8:40:35

Easy and quick

Jai Kyte

The drag’n-drop functionality of Focusky makes it easy and quick to design great-looking animated presentations.

2015/5/28 6:49:32

Great marketing tool

Robert Peterson

Once we published a product video to our website, our sales bumped up. Focusky is so simple to use, allowing every staff in our marketing Dept. to design a fantastic product video.

2015/5/25 15:27:47

Highly recommended

Eric Smith

I would highly recommend Focusky for anyone who is looking for an animated presentation maker.

2015/5/22 13:59:27


Andrew Ferguson

Having used it extensively, now I prefer Focusky video presentations.

2015/5/20 11:38:36

PPT alternative

Robert Short

I must say Focusky is the simplest presentation tool I have ever used. It is different from widely-used PowerPoint but more powerful and stunning. It didn’t take me a long time to learn how to use this new generation of presentation software. With it now I feel ease to make a standout presentation. Thanks!

2015/5/19 16:17:33

Great and Productive

Sonya M. Taylor

Fun to use. Lots of cool features. It can make a funny animated presentation to share on Facebook and Twitter. And the post got a ton of likes and comments. Pretty cool software that makes wonderful presentation with animation. I just love it.

2015/5/16 23:20:11

Just love it.

Dominic Blankenship

I came across this presentation software when I was looking for something to make gorgeous presentation for school. The software has good features such as music, background, photos and video. And the background can be changed easily. It is really awesome.

2015/5/10 8:29:41

Great product

Euna Jackson

I have used the video presentation maker about 6 times since purchasing. It is easy to use simple to understand. It helps me to create gorgeous video presentation without having to keep starting over. I would recommend the video presentation maker for my friends.

2015/5/8 21:47:30

Genuinely good tool!

William Henderson

Focusky is such an instrumental tool in creating presentation that is better than those PowerPoint and other software. It gives a step by step guide view of the process which helps in the better understanding of the whole thing.

2015/5/6 7:11:40

This is absolutely a helpful presentation tool.

Dale Fernandez

This is absolutely a very helpful and powerful presentation tool. I have been looking for ways in improving my presentation and this software didn’t disappoint me at all. It is literally easy and I am now looking forward to making my presentations.

2015/5/6 7:11:40

So easy!

Ross Kaufman

Never thought I can create such amazing animated videos without any programming skills. So easy!

2015/5/3 12:21:30

Professional presentations

Ella McGinn

Super fast and high-quality results.

2015/5/1 11:34:56


Dot Isaacson

Foolproof animated presentation tool!

2015/4/29 15:34:41

No more boring class

Elmer Nelson

No more static presentation. No more boring class. Focusky generates excitement and motivation in my classroom. All of my students love it so much!

2015/4/27 14:25:39

Love it

George Montgomery

It is a good way to increase engagement with my audiences. So proud to make a presentation that audiences really like.

2015/4/22 10:46:57

Easy to use

Stephen Weston

I have never thought creating an animated video is so easy! All my classmates did have a shock when they saw my result, of course, liked it as well.

2015/4/15 9:26:35


Tammy R. Mulvaney

Aha! It is the presentation maker I want. Its in-motion effect and visual elements enable me to give a stylish and engaging presentation.

2015/4/15 8:48:25

Cool zooming effect

Giovana Silva

I really appreciate its zoom-and-pan effect. It allows me to expound my views in detail.

2015/4/15 8:48:25

Cool zooming effect

Giovana Silva

I really appreciate its zoom-and-pan effect. It allows me to expound my views in detail.

2015/4/15 8:23:42

No more static presentations

Luiz Pereira

Aha! Now I can say GOODBYE to static presentations. Thanks for Focusky.

2015/4/14 23:56:38

The best one

Caleb Sizer

It is the best presentation tool I have ever used. Thx!

2015/4/14 23:39:22

Fantastic presentations I have ever made

Xiong Kang

It is fantastic to visualize my ideas with Focusky. Unlike other software I used before like PowerPoint, Focusky allows me to paint a picture for audiences.

2015/4/14 22:42:38


Oscar Moretti

I love this software! My students really enjoy my presentation now. Thanks a lot!

2015/4/14 21:36:58

Unexpected benefits

Jasper Garland

With Focusky, our customers are more satisfied with our content.

2015/4/14 20:58:17

Amazing presentation maker

Otto Söderberg

Focusky is truly a good helper in my speech. It does reinvent the art of presentation. Thanks again!

2015/4/14 19:48:27

Quite helpful

Nathan Chavez

Getting presentations online with Focusky brings a lot of benefits to my training.

2015/4/14 19:48:27

Quite helpful

Nathan Chavez

Getting presentations online with Focusky brings a lot of benefits to my training.

2015/4/14 17:52:36

Wonderful Helper for Open Courses

Marie Stroupe

How lucky for me to meet Focusky in time! I just gave a wonderful open course to my leaders, colleagues and classmates with the help of Focusky. Thanks to the vivid and smooth presentation complete with texts, flash, images, videos……if you are a teacher like me, you won’t regret to have a try.

2015/4/14 17:23:54

Well done!

Joe Lucero

I can’t imagine I can create such a wonderful and amazing presentation on my own until I try at the Focusky. THX.

2015/4/14 17:23:54

Perfect TED presentation tool.

Eileen Hatfield

If you are ready to share your amazing ideas in TED, Focusky is a perfect tool you can’t afford to miss. Zooming presentation effect, logical and concise layout, colorful charts, vivid data analysis………all can be done in Focusky.

2015/4/14 16:18:21

So fun! Please let me know whenever U updates your software!

Stanley Rios

It is so great for your cooling presentation effects. So please let me know whenever U updates your software! I decide to use that software from now on instead of the expensive & flat Microsoft software.

2015/4/14 14:49:33


Armando Hammer

I hardly give full scores in my previous purchase, but I think you deserve it. Because I can present my company’s products to my customers in a visual way with your amazing features: 3D panning effects, free SVG materials, video publishing, vivid flash animation……

2015/4/14 13:29:48

Work great.

Mae Young

It is really easy to handle this software for ordinary users. BTW, it has a very smooth & quick transition from slide to slide.

2015/4/14 12:38:31


Richard Santiago

Where R U, dear Focusky when I give my thesis presentation??? I believe I can get a higher thesis score, amaze my professors and my classmates……if I have met U before! Okay, I forgive U because I can make the best of U for my wedding ceremony, business presentation……HaHa

2015/4/14 11:32:34

Nice try!

Charles Reed

Even though I am a loyal MS Office user, I have to admit Focusky gives me a great shock for its amazing 3D zooming presentation effect…..what’s more, it helps me to publish my slide document into lifelike video…..AMAZING!

2015/4/14 10:40:55

Create powerful presentation

Ruth Rogers

I first heard about Focusky from a friend of mine who is a teacher. Fortunately, it is easy to use and powerful enough to create the presentation what I need exactly.

2015/4/14 10:12:33

Wonderful presentation tool

Susan Kadlec

About Focusky, I particularly like that I can insert multimedia contents such as video into presentation. It is really good tool to convert presentation to video. That’s awesome.

2015/4/14 9:10:11


Andrew Lam

This Focusky tool is great. I am not a professional but I know the effect and quality when I see it. I am a real estate agent and this software help to create presentation to show the house and actually have increased my business. I like everything about this presentation tool.

2015/4/13 22:18:31

Easy to start!

Ralph Kinyon

The Focusky has so many options and settings to make a presentation. And it is not difficult to start. The best part is it requires no programming skill. That saves my time to make a presentation to introduce our product.

2015/4/13 21:53:27

Love this software.

Beverly Noles

Love, love, love this software. This presentation tool is nearly perfect. Ease of use and features are the best I ever had. If you don’t know how to get start just download a template and fill in the factors. Anyone can create a presentation with this software.

2015/4/13 18:43:37

Love this.

Ann Johnson

I absolutely love this. There are various templates for me to start making my presentation. The interface is nice and easy to get start. And there is guide and video tutorial to help. It is really helpful for my work.

2015/4/13 16:40:45


Concepcion Bustamante

I am very pleased with the Focusky. It allows me to create presentation from PPT and template, very convenient to get start. I have to say the animation and online material are really helpful especially the animation effect make the presentation looks gorgeous.

2015/4/13 15:30:32

Nice presentation tool.

Daniel Collins

Very nice presentation tool, highly recommend it. Thanks a lot to Aaron to solve my problem very quickly. By the way, the MP4 format is my favorite, good for sharing.

2015/4/13 14:40:50

Looks good.

Mark Hardy

Looks really good. I am warmly recommending this software, everyone should have one. It helps me a lot to make my class interesting.

2015/4/13 13:25:40

Wonderful tool to have

Laraine L. Talbert

I’ve been using this program for several months. It is great for creating video presentation. And I just love the animation effect of the presentation. It is wonderful tool to have.

2015/4/13 11:14:42

Highly recommend!

Jenise P. Jones

I tried and bought the software a year ago. It runs daily on my pc. Whenever I had a question, Aaron was really quick to respond and was very helpful. I highly recommend it.

2015/4/13 10:15:23

Really awesome!!

William E. Britt

I purchased Focusky Pro a while back and absolutely love it! The animation effects are really awesome.

2015/4/12 4:33:51

great job!!!!

rednaxela lanuza

well, its good! thanks a lot and it is a great help for me!

2015/4/12 12:13:22

amazing animations


Focusky has helped me a lot on creating my own Presentation. it has amazing animations. I really love this program and i can say i became addicted to it because i make my own Presentation so often by using this program. My sincere wishes Eda. :)!

2015/4/11 16:12:11


Lucineia Costa

I've been looking for a software like this for ages!!! Best Presentation builder ever! I will reccomend this to friends!

2015/4/10 11:15:24

Presentation Maker cool!


This program is awesome. bought it several years ago and have used it a lot. the support people are kind and know their software.!

2015/4/10 13:21:51

Good and efficient service

Ms Tan Shuling

Focusky support team has been quite efficient in answering questions and provide support in a timely manner. This has eased my anxiety and has helped me in my work greatly. Focusky has been a simple software to use for people like me who want to create good quality Presentation yet not ready to learn professional software. Will recommend to friends!!

2015/4/9 11:23:21



its great.. but let me use to save the presentation even with trial please!!

2015/4/7 18:21:34

Awesome Product!


Awesome Product for the Family or any other purpose my always choose is Focusky software. Thank you Focusky.!

2015/4/6 12:22:34

hopin' I can do this


just bought it easily enough but have yet to try it. making my way there.!

2015/4/5 21:12:11

very good


it is very easy and i like it very beautiful!

2015/4/4 23:12:23

This is GREAT!

Chrissy Marie

I bought this after using the free trial, and I fell in love with it! I\'ve made many gifts for my family and friends, and everyone has adored them. The software is fun and easy to use, and has an absolutely beautiful outcome. I would recommend this product to anyone!!!

2015/4/3 23:31:23

Most favorite slideshow and easy to use

Gabriel Bulanadi

When I started to use Focusky, I'm so fascinated in styles and also it makes my slideshow look beautiful to see, so I really, really like this product so much...!

2015/4/2 18:22:32

The best quality and price I needed

Keven Tenor

We have been looking for a good slideshow builder and we were not as satisfied with the windows XP verson, but Focusky did the job way better than what we expected compared to using the XP version.!

2015/4/1 17:12:45

Great Tool to use for School Projects

Scott Johnson

We had a deadline to make a killer presentation and need to have some high quality photos to present with the right graphics. Focusky did all of that for us and more. We are very very satisfied.!

2015/4/1 18:22:17

Very Impressed By Its Quality for Business Presentations

Brian Stevens

More often than I expected, I do a ton of presentations for my business and am always looking for the next best high quality software that will boost conversions of sales to my customers and this program does it for me. Thanks a ton.!

2015/3/31 18:11:23

Awesome Product for the Family Presentation

rednaxela lanuza

I love this software because we are huge into Presentation, but we are working on making all our scrap presentation photos digital. I know it is double duty, but we get a kick out of doing this.!

2015/3/30 9:12:28



This software help me as much as i want. i start my business with it and now i am the alone person in my street who create the best slide show , really i am most popular in my area. thanks Focusky.!

2015/3/29 13:22:21

Focusky Review

francis edwards

I found this to be a great product, very easy to use. I have done some fantastic dvds for people. When you have a problem the back up team are always there to help you. So thanks to them.!

2015/3/28 17:15:21



This is an excellent and coolest and easy software for professionalism any 11 years child can also use this. easy and smart way to make your presentation professional. Cheers Up! for Focusky.

2015/3/27 13:23:34

After Purchase


Thanks nice software!

2015/3/26 18:22:43

I'll buy it for my wife


I am buying this program for my wife for her birthday and I can't say that I can complain too much. I am sure that she will think it's really cool. The presentation quality is the greatest.!

2015/3/25 16:35:46

Not a bad choice


Google gives it to me when I search for some presentation maker to create a slideshow with my photos, and it works good.!

2015/3/24 18:16:32

seems to be good


my classmate introduced this to me, and I hope it's as good as what she says.!

2015/3/23 17:13:31

better than other slideshow makers I used


Having used the program for years, the current version is a feature-packed presentation maker that boasts some serious improvements over its previous version.!

2015/3/22 19:12:37

fun to use

rednaxela lanuza

well, its good! thanks a lot and it is a great help for me!

2015/3/21 21:19:10

Good tutorial


I have tried various other software that basically does the same thing that this Focusky does. I found the guide of this product easy to follow when I had a question on how to accomplish a task.!

2015/3/20 17:15:27



The support team was great helping me order the correct software I needed. After buying the wrong one they were nice enough to ship the one I needed very quickly.

2015/3/19 12:22:54

optimized preset for my ipad

Big Drew

it's such an awesome tool I'll use it forever!

2015/3/18 16:22:35

ready-to-use template, awesome!

Jolin P

I can directly import my photos into the program to make a presentation, only to choose a ready-to-use template! That's awesome.

2015/3/17 15:23:47

Great Program!


This product has everything you could ask for in presentation software. add photo, video, music, photo effects, transitions, text, and more. It's amazing!

2015/3/16 12:26:17

Any Update Info or Support


Any update feature or effect for previous buyer to update the program

2015/3/15 21:11:15



As per now i have not found any disadvantage! Like it.

2015/3/14 14:12:27

Fast and Easy!


It\'s quite simple quick to create my slideshow to Video!

2015/3/13 15:23:17

It deserves the money

Alan Golden

Good enough to make a video using photos.

2015/3/12 15:22:36

Eye Catching


Nice program. Intuitive interface and beautiful templates really adds to the experience. Photos can be turned into surprisingly good presentation.

2015/3/11 18:35:23

Excellent software

Rajeev Batham

I have gone to kashmir and capture many photos , and all family membesrs say me to make a slide show of photos then i search and i find this software and make slideshow presentation

2015/3/10 09:23:12

New User


I have used several other slide show presentation programs and have none have all the features that I want. Focusky does about 95% now. Upgrades may add the rest.

2015/3/09 09:12:19

Can I add video?


I noticed that your program can make presentation slideshow and video presentation, I\'d like to know: can I add videos and photos to make shows? If so, I'll buy.

2015/3/08 08:19:11

Geek you are!


The software is so amazing! Simple to use.

2015/3/07 06:11:12

It's great!


It's awesome!

2015/3/06 12:19:17

Gorgeous program!


I now can easily create a slideshow presentation and burn to DVD! You guys free up space on my computer. Thanx.

2015/3/05 11:09:01



Thank you guys! I made some photo presentation which fascinate my clients.

2015/3/04 02:19:19

Focusky Review


Just what i needed

2015/3/03 06:12:19



Useful software...

2015/3/02 09:11:39

Surprisingly fast and stable for a free downloader, nice job!


Surprisingly fast and stable for a free downloader, nice job!

2015/3/01 11:16:11

Focusky Review


Oh my you all are so awesome!!! Thanks so much! I look forward to using it.

2015/2/28 19:26:39

fun to use

Stefanie Agnes

Focusky is fun to use, and the presentations you can make with it are fun to watch. It's easy to use, you can publish it right away. Aside from presentations you can also create banners, infographics, animations and a whole lot more with its ready-made template. it's free!