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Word of the Day
“The Leap” Word of the Day
encroachingDefinition:v.used as anadj.;advanced;gradually intrusive without right or permissionSynonyms:trespassing,invasiveUsage:My mother is the survivinghalf of a blindfolded trapeze act,not a fact I think about mucheven now that she is sightless,the result ofencroachingandstubborn cataracts.
“The Leap” E.Q. 1:Making Predictions:Whatclues in the following sentence hint at the events to come in the story?
“I would, in fact, tend to think that all memory of double summersaults and heart-stopping catches had left her arms and legs were it not for the fact that sometimes, as I sit sewing in the room of the rebuilt house in which I slept as a child, I hear the crackle, catch a whiff of smoke from the stove downstairs, and suddenly the room goes dark, the stitches burn beneath my fingers, and I am sewing with a needle of hot silver, a thread of fire.”
Vocabulary Essential Question:
Why wouldencroachingcataracts not encumber the mother’s ability to move around a familiar room without assistance?
Essential Questions 2 and 3 (p. 33)
The newspaper quotation below creates suspense.“The day was mildly overcast, but nothing in the air or temperature gave any hint of the sudden force with which the deadly gale would strike.”
What do youpredictwill happen?Whateffectsmight there be?
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