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Is your school trying to force you to leave_ -

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Is your school trying toforce youto leave?
Center for Children’s Advocacy - Alternative Schools
What youcandoaboutPUSH-OUT
What is Push Out?
Push Out happens when a school tries toget a student to withdraw from school.Sometimes, they don’t tell students they havea right to stay in school.Sometimes, they don’t tell students they canget extra help in school so they can do better.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Whatare your rights?
You have a right to stay in schoolifallof these are true:You are under 21You are not expelledYou are not already a high school graduate
CCA Alternative Schools Project
What are your rights?
You havetheright tomake your ownchoice about withdrawing from schoolifoneof these is true:You are17 and you have the consentof your parent or guardianYouare18 years old(you can withdraw on your own)
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Alternative Schools
What can you do if your school is trying to makeyou withdraw – and attend an Alternative Schoolor Alternative Program instead?Your school cannot force you to go to a different school or program unless you were expelled.If you’re a Special Education student, your school hasto hold a PPT (Planning and Placement Team meeting) to decide if an alternative program can help you – before they suggest that you go to one.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Are they trying to expel you?
What happens if the school says they will expel you if you don’t withdraw?You do not have to withdraw just becausethe school threatens to expel you.The school has to hold a hearing before they can expel you. They have to prove that you committed a serious offense that violated school rules or policy. This is an Expulsion Hearing.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
What is an Expulsion Hearing?
At an Expulsion Hearing, the school tells why they want to expel you and you have the right to tell your side of the story.You have a right to have a lawyer or an advocate there to help you.Remember – you and your parent or guardian get to decide if you want to fight the expulsion or withdraw from school. You have the right to ask a lawyer for advice to help you decide.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
How do I get a lawyer?
If your school has scheduled an Expulsion Hearing for you, call the Center for Children’s Advocacy’s Alternative Schools Project.Call 203-223-8975.They may be able to help you get a lawyer who can help you for free.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
What happens if I’m failing?
Even if you are failing or you have missed a lot of school, the school cannot tell you that you have to leave.You have the right to get the help that you needin school.Your parent or guardian can write a letter to the schooland ask for a PPT to talk about how to get the help you need to do better.Make sure there is a date on the letter before it gets mailed. Make sure you keep a copy.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Whathappens at the PPT?
Besureyougo to thePPT meetingwithyour parent or guardian soyoucan speak upandtell the schoolabout the help that youneed.Some ofthe helpthe school can provide includes:Tutoringafter school or on weekendsServicesto helplearnor improve your EnglishSpecial Education -if you have a disability or needservices tomake progress
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Getting ready for the PPT
You can call a lawyer or advocate to help you prepare for your PPT.The State Department of Education website hasa guide called “Parent’s Guide to Special Education.” The guide has information about the PPT
CCA Alternative Schools Project
What is an Alternative School?
Alternative SchoolsorPrograms offerdifferent services and opportunitiesthanregularhigh school.Someare in a separate building fromtheregular highschool. Othersare in the same building but you have to stayincertain classrooms orgo to schoolin the evening.Alternative SchoolsandPrograms aredifferentineach city or town.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Who decides if I go to an Alternative School?
You and your parent or guardian get to make this decision.Ask a lot of questions before you decide!
CCA Alternative Schools Project
What questions should I ask?
Find out as much as you can before you make a decision:Where is the school located?What hours would I go to school?How many students are in each class?Can I get extra help if I need it?Can I take the same classes I take now?Can I participate in sports or band if I want to?When can I go back to my regular school?Can I get Special Ed if I need it?Make sure you visit the school before you decide!
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Whatis GED or Credit Diploma?
GED and the Credit Diploma areAdult Education programs.Some important facts about Adult Ed:It does NOT offer extra help if you need it.It is not as many hours as regular school.If you miss too many days, you will lose your credits and have to start all over the next year.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
You get to decide.
The school cannot force you to withdraw and attend Adult Education. Only you can decide.Remember:First, askfor extra help at schoolbefore considering adult education.Ask to visit and explore the Alternative School or Program before considering Adult Ed.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Did you already withdraw?
If you have already withdrawn from school, the law gives you 10 days to change your mind.If you withdrew more than 10 days ago, the school can refuse to re-enroll you for 90 days. BUT, you should still try to re-enroll because they can let you back in if they choose.If you withdrew because the school pushed you into the decision, call for help to get back in.
CCA Alternative Schools Project
Who can I call for help?
If you need help or have questions aboutyour legal rights, call:Attorney Leon SmithCenter for Children’s AdvocacyAlternative Schools Project860-570-5327or203-223-8975Statewide Legal ServicesPro Bono Expulsion Project800-453-3320
CCA Alternative Schools Project





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Is your school trying to force you to leave_ -