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High School Counselor Caseload Assignment Models

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Dr. Nelda L. Mackey
High School Counselor Caseload Assignment Models:Counselors Voices about What Works and Why
The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) states that counselors should choose a caseload assignment model that aligns with the goals and mission of the site; however, no explanation is given on how to make this determination.Gysbers& Henderson (2006) offered limited explanations.Prior to this study,Akos,Schuldt&Walendin(2009) provided the only exploratory research on caseload assignment models.Without research showing how caseload assignment models may impact the organization of the counseling program, or impact how counselors meet the needs of students, it’s been difficult to determine which model would be most appropriate for a site to utilize.Practitionershave reliedon anecdotal evidence and historical practices to make decisions.
Alphabetical (Surname) Assignment CounselorGrade Level Assignment CounselorLooping -- counselor starts with students in 9thgrade and stays with them through graduationStatic -- counselor assigned the same grade level each yearProgram Specialist CounselorSmall Learning Community (Career Academy) CounselorOther Configurations
Counselors and administrators should have conversations about goals and what should be emphasized in the counseling program.Advantages/disadvantages of differing modelsDelivery of guidance curriculum, individualized planning services and responsive services to studentsBased on these conversations, look at the available research to determine the best model to utilize for your site.Akos, P.,Schuldt, H. &Walendin, M. (2009). School counselor assignment in secondary schools.Professional School Counseling,13, 23-29.Gysbers, N. C. & Henderson, P. (2006).Developing & managing your schoolguidance andcounseling program (3rd ed.).Alexandria, VA: AmericanCounseling Association.Mackey, N.L. (2013).Highschoolcounselor caseload assignmentmodels: Counselorsvoicesaboutwhat worksandwhy.Doctoral Dissertation, University of California, Davis.
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High School Counselor Caseload Assignment Models