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Grammar Quiz - Skills Workshop

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Grammar Quiz
Curriculum linksCoversseveralaspects of Functional English /Adultliteracy(writing) Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2.
Grammar Quiz
What is grammar?
Punctuation, e.g. full stops, capitalletters.Correct use of words and sentencestructure.Spellings.
Which of these is wrong and why?
I must of forgottenit.He must have gone intotown.She should’ve taken herumbrella.
What is wrong and why?
We were waiting for ataxi.He was running down thestreet.We was in the queue forages.
Parts of speech:
These are:Your mouth, tongue and lungsTypes of words such as noun, verb, adjective, etc
What does literally mean?Can you put it in a sentence so that it isgrammatically correct?
Joining sentences
Use commas to joinsentences.Use “and” to joinsentences.Use an appropriateconjunction.
Their is a small town faraway.There is a small town faraway.They’re is a small town faraway.
You and who?
John and I are going toAmsterdam.John and me are going toAmsterdam.Me and John are going toAmsterdam.





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Grammar Quiz - Skills Workshop