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ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITYCollege of Nursing & Health ProfessionsJonesboro, Arkansas
For America’s Wounded VeteransTM
“A Model Approach for Serving Veterans with Disabilities in Higher Education”
October 2007: Beck PRIDE Centerfor America’s Wounded Veterans opens.Concept & initial funding by the Buddy G. Beck Family.
One veteran’s perspective:“Wounded” vs.“Disabled”
Student-vets face:a new roleenvironmentTo succeed they must :AdaptImproviseovercome disabilities.
Coming Home:Life, Rehab, Work, Learning…
Whatthe program doesis in ourname…
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
“To provide combat wounded veterans withresources for personal rehabilitation, counseling, advocacy, financial assistance, access to the higher education experience and socialization.”“To provide firstclass educational programs and services at ArkansasStateUniversity;supportingthese individuals to achieve their post military service goals.”
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Our Mission…
“How do injured combat service members get to the Beck PRIDECenter for America’s Wounded Veterans?”
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
CommonRe-IntegrationIssues & Needsof WoundedCombat Veterans
Physical WoundsEmotionalMentalHealthInjuries
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
“What is considered aninjury?”
You may be permanentlychangedby a traumatizing experience,but you do not have to bepermanently “damaged”.Roger P. Buck, Ph.D
The PRIDE program is designed for U.S. military personnel (active duty or discharged) serving during present day conflicts.Veterans injured while in combat serviceThose in need of rehabilitation, career counseling and educational attainment.
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Provide services tosupplement(not duplicate)veterans’ eligible government benefitsFillservicegapswhere they exist
Beck PRIDE Center services are designed to…
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
College of Nursing & Health ProfessionsDonald W. Reynolds CenterFor Health Sciences
PRIDE Center“Day Room”
For America’s Wounded VeteransTM
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Vet-participants (& families) receivereferrals & comprehensive physical,psychosocial & educationalservices based on the individualwounded veteran’s need…
Social Services& PublicAssistance
Mentoring& Socialization
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
GI Bill Benefits, Scholarships, Grants,Financial Aid ProgramsCareer Testing & other testing servicesMilitary experience creditAdvisingPriority RegistrationDisability AccommodationsCenter based- testing proctors, group & individualized tutoringmath modificationNight, online & distance-learningVA & ASU Work StudyAdvocacy & MentoringVA Vocational RehabilitationCampus Peer/Socialization OpportunitiesOn/Off Campus Disability Housing &TransportationAnd more…
Education Assistance
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe Scholarship for Wounded Veterans
Mike Beebe, Governor of ArkansasArkansas State University Alumni
Physical TherapySpeech Language TherapyOccupationalTherapyMedications Assistance Program ReferralsNutritional AssessmentRehabilitation CounselingAnd more…
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Personal RehabilitationServices
The Beck PRIDE Center offers:Physical training & therapeuticserviceson campusFlexible scheduling- therapysessions before, between classes or after classes.Assistance to/from on campus facilitiesvia golf cartservice.Gas cards forparticipants withVA hospital appointments(=/>65 miles away)Connection to national vet rehabilitative resources: therapy/service dogs, medical equipment, adaptive housing and much more.
Vet Center Services on ASU Campus(Partnership with the VA-Vet Center Memphis, TN)Veteran’s Support Group“Family Deployment Forum” AR NGPTSD, Anger Management, Marriage, Grief Groups & more…Psychoeducation groupsResource centerState / National Mental Health resources locator“Give an Hour “ participating providerConduct civilian provider education programs
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Mental Health Resources
Harvey Reed, LMSW(VA Vet Center)
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Beck PRIDE Center pays for outpatient counseling services to support the veteran’s family system:Service MemberSpouse or S/OParent(s)ChildrenCaregiversWidow/Widowers
Mental Health & Substance AbuseReferrals & Services
Veteran’s Benefits &Service OrganizationsEmployment ServicesFinancial ServicesPublic AssistanceCourt AdvocacyDependent CareOpportunities for SocializationPeer SupportOther Community Based SocialServices
Community Resources Information/ Referrals
Employment Services &Small Business Administration PartnershipVeteran-entrepreneur education & training coursesArkansas Veterans Resources & Small Business Administration (SBA)“Veteran’s Preference” resources“Patriot Express” loan program assistanceBusiness development: case manager & mentoring servicesMarketing, financing, & operations guidance“Go Green” & Environmentally Sustainable business assistanceESGR – USERRA referralsResume assistance & more…
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Provides “One-Stop” services for injured combat veteran and/or family member(s).
Staff Role
Assess veterans’ needsScreen for gaps & voided needs/servicesResearch resourcesProvide referralsCoordinate referralsCoordinate referrals to reduce duplication, supplement existing benefits & maximize efficiency.Advocate & MentorLiaison between the veteran & university & other organizations providing assistance/or servicesMonitor participant progress & program effectiveness
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Veterans’ BenefitsVeteran Service OrganizationsDisability assistanceSocial SecuritySpecialized Rehabilitation ProgramsPublic assistance programsMilitary assistance programsEmployment assistance programsTransitional Housing AssistanceLegal/Court AdvocacySocial & Leisure programsAnd more…
PRIDE Center EnrollmentVerifications: DD214 (military combat service)and injury/disability and program eligibilityPreparation for Higher Education Begins…Assessment of educational attainment & education/career goals
Physical TherapySpeech/Hearing TherapyOccupational TherapyMental Health CounselingRehabilitation CounselingSupport GroupSubstance Abuse Treatment referralsMedication AssistanceProsthetics/orthoticsMedical referralsOther specialized rehabilitation
I.Pre-enrollment Assessment Rehabilitation and Reintegration
Placement(Evaluation for Remediation/accommodation)ACT & COMPASS Testing/EvaluationUn-decided Major(s): General Education schedule(Helpful for combat veterans with no college- 1stsemester)Military Training/Course credit
ASU Veterans’ financial aid officerVA Voc-RehabilitationASU Veterans RegistrarGI Bill programsState Voc-Rehab ServicesNational Guard/Reserve Tuition Assistance ProgramSigma Pi/Governor Mike Beebe Wounded Veterans’ ScholarshipOther Scholarships
Phase II. Enrollment, AdmissionAdvocacy andAccommodation
Disability Housing AccommodationsOn CampusOff campus
Career TestingAdvisingWork study & part time jobsResume assistance
Beck PRIDE Center ServicesPriority Registration AssistanceCourse Substitution (Math)RemediationTutoring services“Boots to Books”Proctor/Exam TestingLiaison and Advocacy servicesPeer MentorsIndividual Employment PlanningTraining/Classroom adaptive equipment“Combat to College” orientation“(R&R) Rest and Relaxation” Mid-week check-insVet Center Combat Vet support group, weekly“Conquer College” workshopsSocial Work servicesBusiness/career development servicesSocialsCultural enrichmentFamily support servicesFamily social events“Fitness Challenge” wellness programsCommunity service projectsAwards Banquet
Beck PRIDE Center Staff connects Student-veterans with On-Campus Programs / SUPPORT ServicesDisability Services evaluation and plan1stYear Programs enrollmentStudent Support ServicesNon-traditional Student ServicesArkansas Student Veteran OrganizationOther campus organizations & community groups
PHASE III.Educational, Physical, Emotional and Social Development
Rehabilitation supportEducational supportAnd… Additional Services and OpportunitiesSocialization opportunitiesCareer/Employment PlanningSmall Business Development & Technical Center Veteran’s liaison/mentorLiaison with military & civilian employment organizations/servicesVocational & career development servicesAnd more…
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
Beck PRIDE Center Services are delivered throughout the veteran’s higher education experience…
PHASE IV.CompletionGraduation &Transition
2009“NEWMANS’ OWN” Award Recipient
For improving the quality of life for military families
American Council on Education (ACE) &Wal-Mart Foundation$100,000 award recipient
“Above & Beyond Award”Employer Support of theGuard & Reserve
“2013-2014Top 10Rated Military Friendly College”
“2009-2015 Top 10 Rated Military Friendly College”
2011‘Minute Man Award”AR National Guard
2014DAV$60,000 award recipient
2014 Arkansas Community Development Society$5,000 award recipient
Financial Support
"... to bind up the nation's wounds;to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.To do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace, among ourselves and with all nations."- Abraham Lincoln





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