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Quad Chart Template - Health services research

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Total Award Amount Requested $:X,XXX,XXXStart Date – End Date :MM/DD/YYYY - MM/DD/YYYKey Research Aims:Aim 1:(For a Clinical Trial – describe population, intervention, comparator, and primary outcome measure)(aim)Aim 2: (aim)Aim 3: (aim)Aim 4: (aim)
(innovation 1)(innovation 2)
(benefit 1)(benefit 2)
First Last, Degrees
VAMC Name,Anytown, ST
Enter Title
The graphic representation can be an illustration of the problem, pathways or conceptualmodel, your approach,graphics, tables,orany relevantdata (especially in final year of study)Donot include any PersonalIdentifiableInformation orimages(such as face of a humansubject) without a signed waiver
Place“XXXXX”ortoindicate planned work on each specifictask
# of rows should maintainreadability, columnheadings are fiscal year
Total Award Amount Requested $:550,000Start Date – End Date :10/01/2012 - 09/30/2015Key Research Aims:Determineif use of a balance and mobility training system improves outdoor ambulation and recreation compared to usual care in a group of60 Veterans(40-70 y/o) with THA (n=30) or TKA (n=30)Aim 1: Refine a gait training system to challenge balance that incorporates variable terrain.Aim 2:Randomize 60 Veterans (40-75 y/o) with THA (n=30) or TKA (n=30) to receive training either with the system or usual careAim 3: Identify patient characteristics that predict differences in outcomes, including MSMT1 and MSMT2
Thisproject will develop and test a novelbalance and mobility rehabilitation system for Veteranswith THA and TKA
This project willdetermine whether personalized rehabilitation training in mobility taskson a variety ofterrains can increase Veteran participation in community activities and improve overall well-being.
Pat Jones, PhD
VAMC nameAnytown, ST
Rehabilitation of Veterans with Total JointArthroplasty
Sample flowchart of approach
Sample data





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Quad Chart Template - Health services research