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Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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Massachusetts Commissionfor the Deaf and Hard ofHearing
Roberta J. PerryLead Case Manager/Children SpecialistJune10,2013
Established in1986 by Massachusetts General LawFocal point within the Commonwealth for Deaf, Late Deafened and Hard of Hearing adults and childrenPrincipal agency providing leadership, education, advocacy and direct servicesMission: to empower Deaf, Late Deafened and Hard of Hearing individuals and their families toreceiveequitable opportunities in ALL aspects of societyNational model for other states
Interpreter/CART Referral Services
Stateregistry for Interpreters and CART [Communication AccessRealtimeTranslation]Matchesfreelance and/or staff interpreters and CART providers with requestsConductsscreenings for individuals seeking to provide interpreter services
Communication Access, Training & Technology Services
InformationResourcesInformationand support on Assistive TechnologyPublicationsand Resource LibraryTrainings, Presentations, Exhibits and Demonstration Center
Case Management
Providea wide range of services to adults and children with hearing lossServiceplan developmentCross-agencyservice coordinationCommunicationadvocacyEducationandinformationProvideassistance to state, public andprivateagenciesin implementing procedurestoenhanceservice delivery to Deaf,LateDeafenedand Hard of Hearing individuals,aswellas, ensuring communication
Children Specialists
Positionscreated in 1999SupportNewborn Hearing Screening Law enacted1998Specializedpositions to work with families and agencies in meeting communication, developmental and educational needs of children diagnosed with hearing loss
Children Specialistscont.
Staffedby professionals with expertise in hearing loss andmatchcommunicationneeds fordeaf and hard of hearingProvidetechnical assistance to Early Intervention and Educational programs regarding the communication needs and cultural perspectives of Deaf and hard of hearing children
Children Specialistscont.
Provideparent education and objective information relative to the effects of hearing loss at birth, during childhood and the teenage yearsProvidecomprehensive coordination of care from birth until high school graduation or 22 years of ageAssistparents in working with other agencies
Children Specialistscont.
Identifystrategies for:appropriateusage of hearing aidsassistivelistening devices and hearing aidsalertingand signaling devicesmedicalprocedurescommunicationand language developmentco-existingmedical diagnoses
Children Specialistscont.
Provideadvocacy and support to families and agencies in the development and utilization of service plansConsultwith and educate other service providers about the special needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing
Children Specialistscont.
Provide information and referral to specialized services for:speechand languageear/nose/throatpsycho-educationalevaluation and testingmentalhealth
Children Specialistscont.
Assistfamilies with transition out of Early Intervention at age 3Provideinformation, preparation and facilitation around eligibility for special education services
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Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing